Suay & Co. Towels.  My sister-in-law, Lindsay, actually started this little company and the idea is genius!  She basically combined the concept of a lightweight turkish towel with a regular, terry cloth towel.  So one side is woven fabric and the other side is lined with terry cloth.  You get the light-weight aspect but you can still dry off with it ;).  There’s also a rad hidden pocket that Velcro’s shut, perfect for keeping your phone, keys, chapstick, or sunscreen.  The fabric designs are so great, but hands down my favorite thing about these towels is how easy they are to pack, both for trips or just a day at the beach.  Scroll down for a peek at a couple of my favorites, but make sure you check out the rest at Suay & Co’s site.

Suay & Co-74

Suay and Co. Towel (Blue and Maroon) | Reversible One-piece Swimsuit | Necklace and RingsSuay & Co-54Suay & Co-116

Suay and Co. Towel (Red & Pink Ikat) | One-piece Swimsuit | Necklace and Rings | Komono SunglassesSuay & Co-159

Suay and Co. Towel (Yellow & Orange Ikat) | One-piece Swimsuit | Necklace and Rings | Brixton Straw Hat

Make sure you check out the cute, hooded towels for kids if you have little ones!

Suay & Co-58Suay & Co-53

Pokemon Go. So my little sister told me about this app, but she prefaced it with “I don’t know if this app is the demographic of your readers…”  Uh, excuse me?  Does she think we are old?! 😉  I then became extra interested in an effort to prove I wasn’t too old and guys, it’s awesome.  A little bit about the app: “The game uses your smartphone’s camera and sensors, as well as location-based algorithms, to place pokémon in the real world. That way, as you travel around to landmarks and notable locations in your city, you can catch the creatures and then train and battle them at gyms.”  I love that it encourages people to get outside!  The launch of the app has been so popular that apparently it’s started crashing for many!  Read more here, and then just do yourself a favor and download it here.

London.  We just bought tickets to London!!  We don’t go until January, but flight prices have been crazy low since the news of the UK resigning from the European Union, so we wanted to jump on it.  We got round-trip, nonstop flights from LAX to London Heathrow for $800.  We’ll be visiting my little sister in Cambridge, spending time in London, and heading to Switzerland and Austria to watch Blake’s brother ski race.  Blake and I have never been to Europe together, I’m so excited!!  If you’re thinking about going, now’s the time to buy!!  I like to start by checking Travelocity and Priceline to get an idea of what prices the airlines are at and go from there.

Quotes.  I loved these quotes that I stumbled upon this week.  Sometimes I get so caught up in what others think I should be doing, and I need to just take a deep breath and look inward :).Don't Set Yourself on Fire Quote - Palms to Pines This is Important Quote - Palms to Pines