Oh, what a week!  It felt like Friday would never come, for multiple reasons ;).  But here it is, and I’m so excited for a weekend at home.  And have a few things I’ve discovered this week that I’ve been wanting to share with you!  So here goes…

NUDE Skincare. Guys, I just discovered this line and I’m loving it.  Basically, it’s high performance skincare WITH healthy, NATURAL ingredients.  I will keep you posted as a I get through each product, but my favorite first one that I’ve tried (and I believe their most popular) is the Rescue Oil.  I’ve been really wanting to try oils on my skin, but it freaks me out to get the wrong one and break out!  If you feel the same, try this one!!!  It’s like using retinol, without the negative side effects.  This featherweight formula features bakuchiol, nature’s answer to retinol, without the negative side effects. It helps repair and refine the texture of your skin.  I’ve been putting a few drops on at night after I wash my face.  Seriously, try it!!  Right now you can get it on sale at Sephora, along with the milk they recommend you use underneath for free!Nude Skincare | Palms to Pines

Pinterest. Guys, I’m getting back into Pinterest these days, and LOVING IT.  Will you please follow me so I can follow you back?  I need friends to follow and be inspired by!

Pinterest | Palms to Pines

Yoga with Adriene.  Ok, all you wanna-be yogis, listen up.  You need to check out the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene.  She’s got a 30-day yoga camp on there that’s super simple and doable for literally ANYONE.  Especially if you’ve never done yoga, or are afraid to go to class because you’re afraid you’ll suck ;).  For me, it’s just been a great way to wake up in the morning, get my body moving, and manage my pesky back pain.  And it’s motivated me to get back to an actual yoga class!

yoga with adriene | palms to pines

Mean Tweets.  I love it when Jimmy Kimmel makes people read mean tweets about them.  This week, Mitt Romney was in the hot seat and had to read mean tweets from Trump supporters (yeah, apparently those actually exist?!)  It’s pretty funny, check it out:

Weekend Sales.  Winter is coming to and end, which means spring is almost here AND sales are happening!  Here are a few going on this weekend:

  • J. Brand – extra 25% off with code JBFF25
  • H&M – up to 60% off 500+ styles
  • Macy’s – up to 20% off with code VIP
  • Bloomingdale’s – up to $300 off purchase
  • J. Crew – 25% off spring styles with code SHOPNOW
  • Madewell – extra 30% off sale styles with code SOCLOSE
  • West Elm – up to 30% off furniture, bedding + more

Happy, happy Friday!