Sweater on Sale

I know I’ve been raving about our exclusive sweater sale with Knot Sisters this week, but there’s another sweater I love (and recently posted) that a friend just found on sale for me! This Free People sweater is regularly $168, but you can now get it here for $99…that’s more than 40% off!!

Colorblock Sweater Free People | High Rise Denim Midi Skirt | White Sneakers

Colorblock Sweater | High-Rise Denim Midi Skirt | White Sneakers | Sunglasses

A New Podcast Close to my Heart

One of my best friends, Corrine Stokoe, launched a podcast with her husband Neil called Mint Arrow Messages. I have been so excited for this launch, and the first two episodes were just what my heart needed. In the first episode, you can hear an in-depth explanation of an awful tragedy that her family is currently going through. With all of the crime/murder podcasts out there (and I’ll be the first to admit I listen to them all!) it’s important to remember the humanity behind something we may just hear on the news. I’m so impressed with their launch – these two sound like pros already – and so interested to follow where this podcast goes!

Mint Arrow Messages

At Home

We just got these frames in that Blake ordered for my birthday. I love them!! We’re going to add them to our room, one above each night stand. Now I just have to decide what photos to fill them with. Any ideas?!? We actually don’t have many photos of us (Blake and I) throughout the rest of our house, so I was thinking of putting a photo of me in the frame on Blake’s side and a photo of Blake in the frame on my side. Is that super narcissistic, or can I get away with it since it’s our bedroom?!? Thoughts please!!

Young Teenagers Rescue an 8-year-old Falling off the Chair-lift

This story made me cry, so I had to share it on here! Kids can be so GOOD to each other.

To Those Concerned about Romy & Piper skiing…

And on that note, I feel like I need to address something. Earlier this week, I posted a video of Romy and Piper skiing with Blake. The majority of people who saw it were SO supportive and positive! Seriously THANK YOU to everyone who was! And especially to those who said sweet things about us taking the girls on adventures – it’s not easy but I always want to try! To the people concerned about their safety: I know it’s probably hard to understand without being there, but there was honestly not a single second that I was worried or felt they weren’t completely safe. Blake grew up literally at a ski resort, actually at Sundance, which is where we took the girls skiing. He knows that mountain like the back of his hand, and he learned to ski at the same time he learned to walk. He also skied professionally for years, and is the most graceful, cautious, and respectful skier. I loved the comment from @farnzie_style where she said, “I don’t think people realize that this is basically like him walking while carrying both babies…” That’s exactly how I feel about it!

Romy + Piper Update

And that leads me to a little update on Romy and Piper! This last week they played in snow for the first time. They’d seen snow before but never played in it, and they honestly LOVED it. They truly are Nymans ;). They skied for the first time, sled for the first time, and made their first snow balls. I’ve had so many people ask about their snow suits and where they’re from – you can find them in this post!

Romy and PIper Skiing | Roxy Baby Snow Suit

Little things…

Romy has started answering questions when she hears them, even when they’re not directed at her. She casually says “Yeah” or “No” and it’s the cutest thing. I keep wondering if she knows what “yeah” and “no” mean, and I really, really think she does!

Piper has been SO goofy. She does wild and goofy things and then looks at you with this big smile on her face to make sure you appreciate the humor! She’s also getting that urge to climb to high surfaces and then stand up, and then when you catch her and say no she’ll squeal and squat down or even sometimes throw herself off…trusting you’re close enough to catch her…

That’s all for this week!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!