These Rose Gold Nikes.  Is it weird that I want a pair of Air Max in every color?  I’ve been wearing my all white ones nonstop, but this rose gold pair might have just taken their place.

rose gold nikes | rusty spencer | palms to pinesrose gold nikes | rusty spencer | palms to pinesrose gold nikes | rusty spencer | palms to pines

Rose Gold Nikes | White SweaterPaige Distressed Skinny Jeans (on sale!) | Water Bottle (or coffee thermos!) | Cuff Rings

**Photos by Rusty Spencer.

The Cubs.  Speaking of Nike, this video Nike put out called “Goodbye Someday” gives me all the feels.  Who else out there watched the World Series game?  What an amazing night for sports.  We ended up watching the last few innings at Buffalo Wild Wings (long story) with lots of big TVs and even more (super loud) Cubs fans, which made it that much more memorable.  Baseball has always held such nostalgia for me, as I think it does for some many.  And it’s just so…American ;).

The Election.  Speaking of America, I think a lot of people share my dread for next week.  It’s been a frustrating election, but I’m afraid the results will bring even more frustration.  There’s nothing that I could say on here that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll spare you.  BUT, I did watch Melania Trump’s speech yesterday and I can’t help but post about that.  I just want to know, WHOSE idea was it to have her talk about Internet and social media bullying?!  If you missed it and don’t know what I’m talking about, read this article for a summary.  But hey, at least that pink top she was wearing was super cute…ugh.

melania trump pink top

Weekend Sales.  Guys, there are lots of good sales going this weekend!  It’s that time of year where stores are wanting to clear things out before their fully holiday inventory comes in.  Here are a few I’m excited about:

Have a beautiful weekend!