I said I was going to make this a weekly thing back in May, and then I only did it once (insert eye roll here). Someone tell me HOW is it already October?!?! Here’s another attempt at doing this weekly, starting today! I’m going to answer the most frequent that I get in emails, comments, and direct messages throughout the week in hopes that it helps others who might have the same questions! These might seem random, but here ya go…

Where are these seats from??!

I get asked about the portable high chairs that we use a lot. Guys, we LOVE them! They are super easy to take places (we take them on trips with us), fit on pretty much any table or counter, are REALLY easy to wash, and seem really comfortable for the babies.

Inglesina fast table chair and tray

Can you tell me where you can get the food trays for the clip-on seats?

I’ve also had a lot of questions about where to get these trays. I love them and totally think they’re worth the extra $25 because they’re so easy to pop off and rinse or stick in the dishwasher.

Inglesina fast table chair and tray

I have the same portable high chair and LOVE it, but it is straight up filthy! How do you clean your’s?

Umm this is my favorite part about this chair – it’s easy to wash and comes out looking BRAND NEW! Here’s a little video showing how to take it apart (it says hand wash but I stick in my washing machine on cold and it’s fine – I’ve washed ours’ probably 15 times already!)

What are you thoughts on Micuna Ovo High Chairs? I’m in love but worried about how practical they are.

I LOVE the Micuna Ovo high chair, and get so many compliments on it. It matches our dining chairs. I’ll do a full post on these high chairs soon, but just know that I love it!

What was the hard floor vacuum you linked the other day?

It’s the Hoover Floormate, and I’m seriously addicted! Now I’ve officially cleaned all of our floors and actually asked my friends if I can do theirs because I love watching how much dirt comes up…I’m such a weirdo.

But does the Kopari coconut deodorant REALLY work?

YES. Guys, I’ll keep saying it – I love it! You can read more about it in this post, or just order yourself some here ;).

Kopari Coconut Deodorant | Palms to Pines

Can you share where that white henley is from?

Ugh you guys, I feel so bad because I waited too long to post this and that top sold out! It was actually a bodysuit and it was by Amuse Society. I found some other similiar (and really great) white henley tops, and I’ll link them below for you!

What baby monitor do you use? And do you recommend it?

After I posted that video of Romy peeling off her wallpaper when she was supposed to be sleeping, I got a lot of questions about what baby monitor we use. We actually use the NEST cam as a baby monitor and I’m obsessed with it – I explain why in this post.

Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for TwinsWhere is your nursery wallpaper from?

And speaking of that wallpaper Romy was peeling off, a lot of you wanted to know where it’s from! You can find it in my post on the girls’ nursery.

Palms to Pines Nursery Reveal | Romy and Piper | Twin Girls Bohemian Tropical NurseryPalms to Pines Nursery Reveal | Romy and Piper | Twin Girls Bohemian Tropical Nursery

Do you give the girls whole milk now that they’re one?

No, we are still on formula! We work with a nutritionist at the Children’s Hospital, and we decided together to keep the girls on formula for a while longer since they are preemies. However, we did finally switch from the preemie formula we had been using since the hospital days to a regular (organic – yay!) formula. I’ve noticed in the last week or so that the girls are taking less and less of their daytime bottles as they are eating more and more food! Also yay!

Do you still dream feed? Have you experienced any 12-month sleep regression yet?

Yes, we do!! You guys, I cannot give up the dream feed! It’s our special time with the girls – they are so mellow and sweet during the dream feed. We do it around 10:45-11pm. They do wake up a bit now that they are older (when they were younger they slept right through it), but they go right back to sleep and then usually sleep until 8am.

As for the sleep regression, I’ve noticed now that the girls can stand and like to babble/talk to each other and themselves, they are having a harder time taking their naps. It hasn’t really affected their night-time sleep yet, except that it does take them longer to fall asleep when we initially put them down.

What brand are the hiking carriers?

We LOVE these Thule carriers, and so do the girls. I think they are super comfortable in them, and I love that they can be up high enough to see things as we hike. You can find them here and here (I love buying from Backcountry because it ships super fast and returns are so easy)!

THULE Sapling Carriers | Best baby carriers for hiking THULE Sapling Carriers | Best baby carriers for hiking

Where is your rug from?

I get asked about our living room rug everytime it shows up in my stories! You can find it here, and it happens to be on sale right now :).

West Elm Colca Wool Rug

What are these books?

I had lots of people asking about books that showed up in my Instagram stories that Romy and Piper love. Here are their very favorite books right now that showed up in my stories – I love that most of them were given to us by our friends the Maughans 🙂 …

Hope that helps!! Keep the questions coming, and I’ll keep these weekly posts coming! 🙂