Today marks exactly  a week in the hospital, and it also happens to be our 29-Week mark! Each week we make it with these babies in is HUGE, so needless to say we are celebrating today!Wheelchair privileges | 29 weeks antepartumSo many good things have happened since I last posted an update. Life on the 4th floor is good – I’ve fallen into a little routine and that keeps me positive each day! I DID get wheelchair privileges, so I’ve left my room twice! The first time was to tour the NICU, and the second time was last night when they let Blake take me on a walk outside and see the sunset.  Lo has been allowed to visit/hang, and that puts me in the best mood. She’s done so well here, it’s crazy how much a little dog can comprehend! I’m also allowed outside food as long as I keep my blood sugars in check, which has been going really well so far. I’ve been in perfect range every time they draw blood!Hospital Dog Visits | 28 Weeks Antepartum

No News is Good News

In the way of the babies, I don’t have much news! My contractions have settled down SO much – less frequent and less painful. We still monitor them along with the babies a few times a day. Each time, the babies heartbeats’ look perfect, although Baby A fights the monitors like crazy! Every time the nurses try to find her heartbeat, she will literally punch at the monitor and turn away so we can’t hear it. In the meantime, Baby B just chills and let’s us monitor her. I think we are already starting to see pieces of their personalities coming out ;).  Other than than, they move a lot throughout the day, and I’m even starting to think I can distinguish specific body parts as they try and stretch in there.


Our visit the NICU was encouraging. Although I should have been more aware of the fact that my babies (as twins) would probably spend some time there, in my head I always just pictured my pregnancy going fine and then the babies coming right home with us. So now, I think mentally preparing ourselves for the NICU will be a really good thing. I’m trying to think of it as just a necessary step in them coming into this world – that instead of spending a few more weeks in me, they will spend it there getting amazing care and nutrition from the doctors and nurses. I was able to meet with the neonatologist, who I really really loved. He gave me an idea of what things will likely look like, depending on what week the babies come. They will teach us how to touch and then eventually hold the babies when they are ready, and feed the babies my own breastmilk as soon as possible. They really encourage skin-to-skin and breast milk here whenever possible. We also had an awesome nurse take us on a tour of the NICU, and we got a lot more information from her that was so helpful. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about the NICU soon, but for now we are preparing for it and feeling really good about the staff and care the babies will receive.

Visitors and Friends

I’m usually the type of person that would say I didn’t need anything, or when I’m sick I’d rather just recover alone. But this time is different – I’ve been SO grateful for the people who have visited me. It seriously brightens my day, and makes the time go so much more quickly. I thrive on quality time with friends, and I think that might be one of the biggest blessings so far of this whole ordeal. I’ve been able to sit and talk/catch up with friends in a way we don’t normally make time for.

Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Sydney was my very first visitor, and she brought her little August! I was heavy on the magnesium and so out of it this day, but it was so comforting to see her. She came back again a couple days later, I have a feeling she’ll be spending lots of time here with me <3
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Haven, River, Kaeli, Jesi, and Sam came Saturday morning to visit with so many gifts and things to cheer up the room. They know me so well!
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Lisa, Jeff, and little Ozzy came all the way up from Encinitas to see me! Lisa has since been back with wood samples for me to see, as Jeff is building the dresser for the nursery :).
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Hannah came on Sunday with an adorable gift basket that included outfits for the girls in all-black, true Hannah style 😉
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Carly brought me the most thoughtful things – essential oils with a diffuser and noise-cancelling headphones.
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
My friend Katie brought AMAZING flowers from her shop, The Flower Stand.
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Weslie brought Zuri, Remi, and Ozzy and they were SO fun to have here – so sweet and fun to hang out with. They can’t wait for the babies to actually be here, tho ;).
Hospital Visitors | 28 Weeks Antepartum
Another visit from Carly and Josh last night – and this time they came with amazing snacks I’ve been craving and jars full of all different kinds of overnight oats!

Honestly, I don’t know what I did to deserve these amazing people in my life! I’ve thought about that a lot – and I’ve come to the conclusion that somehow I just got REALLY really lucky, and as soon as I get out of here I will figure out how to actually be the kind of person that deserves the friendship I’m receiving.    Flowers at the Hospital from The Flower Stand in Laguna Beach

These flowers were brought by my friend Katie who owns The Flower Stand in Laguna Beach – aren’t the amazing?! Aside from being so, so talented, she was so thoughtful to bring them here <3.Flowers at the Hospital from The Flower Stand in Laguna BeachFlowers at the Hospital from The Flower Stand in Laguna Beach

For everyone who has written either comments, direct messages, emails, or texts – I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them! I feel SO encouraged by all of your words and stories. At this point I have made it through reading all of them, and now I’m working through responding. I feel so lucky to have had a way to reach all of you and get so much support as a result!

ALL the Feels

As far as how I’m feeling physically, I think I’m feeling as good as can be expected. It’s really hard for me to be so sedentary, and it’s hard to watch how it affects my body and muscles. I’ve lost over 6 pounds in the week I’ve been here, and since I’m eating a lot and my stomach is growing they chalk it all up to muscle atrophy :(. I was hopeful when I met with the physical therapist, but she told me that unfortunately there really aren’t a whole lot of movements I can do. However, all of this just makes me so grateful I have the opportunity to be active and moving again soon, and that this isn’t permanent for me!

Emotionally, I’m also doing a lot better! I have tried to embrace this as a time to connect with the babies in a way I hadn’t before, and sometimes I really do. I get to sit still and feel them moving and think about them as little beings, and sometimes I feel like we really are this little bonded team. But then there are moments were it all starts to feel like some sci-fi situation, where I’m just this weird vessel whose body is being taken over and used to grow other lives more important than my own. Weird, I know – but it’s how I feel!

From Here…

The doctors tell me 30 weeks is a HUGE milestone for the babies, so I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday! On that day, I’ll also have an ultrasound that will give us an update on the state of my cervix and the babies growth. So until then, we’ll keep praying for no news, lots of movement and steady heartbeats from the babies, and more friends visiting ;).

Thank you again so much for both reading and sharing your own stories – I can’t tell you how much it means to us!