I’m SUCH a creature of habit, and SO loyal to the products I love. I’ve said this before, but as a result it takes a lot for me to add products in to my lineup. Bad for business as a blogger, but I like to think it’s good for my hair/skin ;). I LOVE my current regime for my hair and realized I’ve never fully shared it – so here it is!   5 Products I Love | Hair, Skin, Natural Deodorant


Shampoo – I’ve been using Pureology for YEARS. I switch it up here and there to try new shampoos, and always end up back at my Pureology Hydrate. I just like the way it makes my hair feel – clean without drying it out too much. This might be a given, but when I’m shampooing my hair I really focus on my roots/scalp so I don’t dry out the ends too much, and then with conditioner I focus on the ends and it’s only every once in a while that I bring it up to the root. Which brings me to….

Conditioner – I have a few I love, and like to switch off! I always keep Pureology Hydrate Conditioner on hand, and right now I’m alternating that and the Miracle Hair Mask from It’s a 10. I love this brand – the packaging/design isn’t great, but the product seriously is!!

Dry Shampoo – on days I don’t wash my hair (I try to just wash it every third day when possible) I start my routine with dry shampoo. Currently, I’m using/loving the Death Valley Cry Shampoo from R+Co.

5 Products I Love | Hair, Skin, Natural Deodorant


Blow Dry Cream – I HAVE to put something in my hair when I brush it out and before I blow dry it (kind of like how I HAVE to put lotion on right when I get out of the shower – I just don’t feel right if I don’t!!) I’ve tried several product options for this, but always always come back to this Blow Dry Lotion by Kerastase. I apply it all over – even to my root – every time I wash my hair. It never makes it feel greasy, but feels like it moisturizes/protects it enough for blow drying.

Styling Cream – With my hair style, it’s always important to me that it looks a little piecey and the waves/curls don’t just all blend together. It’s been super hard to find a styling cream or paste that I like that doesn’t make my hair look/feel dirty or greasy. My hair cut/styling guru (is idol too strong of a word?! ha!) Sal Salcedo introduced me to this stuff, and I LOVE it. It’s pricey but lasts me forever because I just use the tiniest bit. I put a small dot on my hands and rub them together really well, then kind of scrunch it into the waves of my hair and also smooth whatever flyaways I have at my part.

Hairspray – Hairspray is something I’m not as picky about – I have several I love! Right now I’m using/reeeeally loving the Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray from R+Co. If you want a little less hold, I also love their Outer Space Flexible Spray.
Dry Finishing Spray – I’m obsessed with this spray from L’oreal Paris called Next Day Hair. I actually keep these little travel sizes in my purse and in the console of my car and spray it in throughout the day. It gives my hair the texture I want and a little bit of a refresh – I LOVE the smell!

Hope that helps! I swear by each of these, but I want to know what you think of them, too. Let me know with a comment or message!