I’ve been dreading making the switch from two naps to one, but we are FINALLY doing it! I’d been clinging on to the two-nap thing for so long, but the thing that really helped me determine it’s time (and gave me the confidence to make the change) was actually a simple nap guide from Megan Pierson of Sleep Shop. Megan specializes in all things toddler, and her mini-nap guide actually lists specific signs that it’s time to give up the nap. When I read that list, I realized my girls were showing every. single. sign. That’s when I knew it was time! And the rest of the guide told me exactly how to make the switch – it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It’s only taken a week and we’re pretty much there! And although the mornings can seem long, overall it’s been a really, really great change that’s given me so much more freedom!

Here’s Megan!

Some things she talks about in both her mini nap guide and her full sleep guide that are really helpful:

  • Toddler sleep regressions
  • Ideal room environment for sleep
  • Signs of an overtired toddler
  • Signs your toddler is ready to give up one nap (or both!)
  • Transitioning to a toddler bed (we aren’t ready to do this yet, but I’ve been curious about how we’ll know when it’s time!)
  • Sample schedules
  • Room Sharing

You can get details on all of the above (and more) in her full sleep guide, which you can buy in PDF form on her site for $25. If you’re having sleep troubles with your toddler with either naps or bedtime, I think reading the sleep guide is a really, really great place to start. So much of the things she said in the guide resonated with me, and she breaks things down in a very simple, actionable way.

Toddler Sleep Tips
Here’s Piper, who loves to throw out her lovey to make us come in the room and give it back…

Once you’ve read it and implemented it, if you are still having trouble with your toddler’s sleep then it would be worth doing an actual consultation with her. She’s so helpful and knowledgable, and can tweak things to fit your toddlers needs/personality.

Toddler Sleep Tips
Romy loves to start playing right when it’s time to sleep!


And now the fun part of the post….!! Megan has agreed to give away 50 of her Toddler Sleep Guides to Palms to Pines readers! And get this – JUST FOR ENTERING we’ll send you a digital copy of her mini nap guide for free! That’s not even something you can but on it’s own ;). I worked off of the nap guide alone to transition the girls to one nap, so it’s super helpful!

To enter, all you have to do is:

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I hope you love the nap guide as much as I do! And don’t forget to check Megan out if there’s anything else you need…cause let’s be honest, most of us with toddlers could use a little help ;).