Lately I’m obsessed with comfy shoes, chips and guac, Homeland, and Blake.  I’m going through a phase where all I want to do is eat chips and guac on my couch and watch TV with him.  I think my body needs a winter season to rest up, so it’s hibernating in its own way – even if the rest of Southern California still feels like summer!  Over the holidays, Blake’s cousin told us he thought we’d like Homeland so we started watching it.  We totally got sucked in, and finished the first two seasons already.  Now I make Blake lock our bedroom door at night so that the terrorists can’t get us.  (Ridiculous, I know!)

So last night after work I wore the comfiest tennies I own, we went to one of our favorite spots for fish tacos, stocked up on their chips and guac, and headed home to start Season 3.  I was a pretty happy camper!

Brooks Shoes

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