Nail Problems

A friend told me about this nail polish a couple of years ago, and I loved it when the babies were tiny and I wasn’t making it out much to get my gel manicures. Now that we are stuck at home, I’ve rediscovered my love for it and ordered some new colors! It’s a line by Essie that’s durable like gel but doesn’t require a UV light and comes off with regular nail polish remover. Yep, I’m serious! You just have to do two coats of whatever color you choose, and then one layer of their special top coat to make it like gel. My go-to nude color is Buttoned & Buffed, but here are some of my favorite colors…

The Air Fryer

Ok I know for some of you this is old news, but I get sooo many questions when I use/post our air fryer so I figure there are still some people that have yet to discover it! Guys…get it. It’s SO good. The name threw me off, but it’s really such a healthy/fast/easy way to make good food. We use it for anything frozen, especially for the girls, so chicken nuggets, fries, tots, veggie burgers, etc. I love using it to cook meat – literally THE best way to cook chicken breast because it locks in the moisture/flavor. I also make a mean rib-eye in there, no joke! Both fresh and frozen veggies are so good – the girls down veggies when I make them in there. Our favorites in there are broccoli, green beans and asparagus (and I don’t even normally like those)! This is the one we have (Blake’s mom got it for us for Christmas) but I’ll also link a few others which I know friends have/love so you have price options! Also, I’ve heard if you have an Instant Pot, you can turn it into an air fryer by adding this lid! Also, my friend Jesi gave me a recipe for chicken tenders out of this book that my kids LOVED, so I just ordered it! Excited to try more from it!

Easter Stuff

I told myself not to leave this to this week, and here we are! Today is the last day for a lot of items (on Amazon or other places) to get here in time for Easter! I grabbed a few things (below) for the girls’ Easter baskets and an egg hunt – you should still be able to get stuff in time (depending on where you live)!

THE Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had so many people asking for the recipe for the cookies I posted last night and I’m SO SORRY that I can’t give it to you because…it was a box mix. But no joke, THE best gluten free chocolate chip cookies I’ve had yet (and I’ve had a lot!) Here’s a pic of the mix – I know Stater Brothers carries it and not sure who else, so let me know where else you find it!!

Don’t mind this awful photo – I literally had to dig the box out of the garbage to show people 😉

I’ll try to be better about posting on here as we go through this quarantine!