You know that feeling when something exciting happens and you want to share it with people, but you can’t?! I’ve had that feeling for three months, but now’s the time I can finally enjoy it with everyone! Back in late June/early July I was cast to be a part of the now released Toyota Tacoma campaign! First off, I was so pumped to be selected for a national spot, but when I received the details of where/when and how long we’d be shooting, I was definitely looking forward to the days ahead. Shooting, productions and all that biz can be a hurry up and wait scenario, which was expected, but within the first 24 hours, I felt like I had already made some rad friends and the following days were gonna be a good time. Over the following 10 days we were mobbing through massive sand dunes in the dessert, swimming in mountain lakes, wrestling in gnarly mud pits, getting chased by a sketchy rabbit through the forest and skiing in the city in July. All of which you’ll get a glimpse of in the commercial.

The biggest reason I was cast was because of my skiing. I knew I was supposed to hit a handrail for the spot and we were able to scout it before the shoot started, but they didn’t have it scheduled until the final day of filming, so the anticipation was there everyday. I was stoked to have it be the final shot during the production and after spending 10 days straight with the whole crew, it was great to end things that way.

Based on all the texts I’ve been getting, I think you’ll have a good shot of catching one of the spots live if you’re watching Monday Night Football, scrolling the Insta or cruising Facebook. But for all those people who were about to drop everything and show some support by staring at their phones or tv for hours for me (I know there are a lot of you…), let me save you some time and throw them on here.

So, with that, I hope I can add a little more enjoyment to your ad viewing experience!

– Blake