I’ve had so many friends who are having babies lately, so I’m constantly on the hunt for good baby gifts. As fun as it is to get things for their babies, it’s also so nice to find little things for them as a mama. And now, being in the thick of it myself, it’s easy to think about the things I’d needed or appreciated in these first few weeks. I have two friends that are due any day now, and I was able to find everything for their little “Mama” gift bags at Nordstrom. So easy!Perfect gifts for soon to be mom

If YOU are about to have a baby yourself, think about packing these things in your hospital bag! And if you know someone having a baby, trust me that any Mom would love these things and use them right off the bat. Find some people to go in on it with you so you can get her a bunch of items and make a little “Mama” gift bag. She will LOVE it, I promise!

Perfect gifts for soon to be mom

  • Comfy Robe – I’ve never been a robe person, but I have become one after giving birth! I live in robes these days (easy access to things you need in the front!), the softer the better! (This robe from Nordstrom is SO comfy, comes in tons of cute colors, and is on sale for 2 for $60. Get it! Get two!)
  • Slippers – Because who wants to wear shoes when you don’t have to? I really liked having these to slip on at the hospital to walk around in, and have since been wearing them at home a ton, too!
  • Belly Bandit – I should probably do a blog post just about the Belly Bandit post-pregnancy wrap because I love it so much, but just get one. It will make you feel like your organs aren’t about to fall out of your body, and also helps you slim down faster. Trust me, you will NOT want to take it off!
  • Water Bottle – Because you will be SO thirsty after giving birth, especially if you are breast feeding!! I love our Swell bottles because I’m picky and love it when my water stays cold.
  • Dry Shampoo – I went a few days without washing my hair after my C-Section, but also have been stretching it out longer now that I’m home and so tired all of the time.
  • Tinted Lip Moisturizer – I love these Chubby Sticks – the perfect amount of moisture and color! Because your lips will be dry in the hospital, I promise!
  • Comfortable bras/nursing bras – Even if you are like me and think you’ll be fine to just keep wearing your normal bras…you won’t. Trust me on that.

Perfect gifts for soon to be momPerfect gifts for soon to be mom