As I’ve settled in to the new house, I’ve also settled in to a new morning routine. Without childcare out here (ugh, I miss our babysitter so much!), my mornings are more valuable than ever!

Waking up Earlier

I’m getting up earlier, which is easier because I’m sleeping SO much better our here. It’s SO quiet (except for the crickets, frogs, and occasional owl hooting) and so dark without the street lights. Guys – we can see STARS and the girls are obsessed! I’ve NEVER been a morning person, but I’ve been getting up between 6-6:30 and it’s feeling so good! The girls don’t get up until 8:30, so that gives me a solid two hours to be productive!

Night-time Prep

I know this is an old trick, but it’s a good one. It really helps me to lay out my workout/yoga clothes the night before. That way I can throw them on right away without thinking about it and it sets the tone for a morning yoga session to happen ;). My all-time favorite yoga pants are the Align leggings by Lululemon, but I still can’t get over how good this Amazon dupe is for $29. These leggings feel/fit just like the Align but I would argue they might even wash better!

Morning Coffee

I truly look forward to my morning cup of coffee – like, as I’m falling asleep at night. One thing that really helps me get out of bed (instead of snoozing five times) is to set the coffee pot the night before for just before I want to wake up. Knowing that the coffee is already made when my alarm goes off is a game-changer for me! I’ve had this coffee maker for years and I love it. I’ve tried different coffee-maker trends and devices but always come back to it ;). So classic and can accommodate larger pots for guests or just the right amount for me! Usually I put a splash of unsweetened cashew milk in my coffee, but lately I’ve been obsessed with this Keto creamer by Picnik. I love that it tastes SO GOOD but is also functional because of the MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and whey protein.

Yoga made Easy

My little sister had told me about the Down Dog app forever ago, but I FINALLY started using it and it’s perfect for me. My favorite part is the music – I love that you can choose your music genre (my fav is alternative beats – it’s music I actually know and love!) and they will lay the voice instructions over the music! I’ve hated doing online yoga in the past because I feel like I have to choose between hearing their instruction or listening to good music. You can also customize your practice in the best ways with Down Dog. You choose the voice you’ll hear, the difficulty level, what you want to focus on, length of practice and length of Savasana. Download it here and try free until September 1st!

Down Dog Yoga App - Best Free Yoga App

I’ll also try to do it outside – sunlight is so good for you first thing!! I love my thick yoga mat for the hard patio!

Girl, Wash Your Face 😉

Lately I haven’t been showering right away (because I’m usually planning to work out/swim later in the morning with the girls!) but washing my face and brushing my teeth right away is KEY to waking up/feeling refreshed! I’m still so into my kit from Vivier for my entire skincare routine! I also recently have been using toner and face oil from my friend Ashley before bed and loving it.

Prioritizing Work Items

I learned about the Ivy Lee method from the Skinny Confidential, but it’s been SO helpful! Basically, before I go to bed I’ll write down the most important things I need to get done in the morning. In that time that I have to work before the girls wake up, I’ll force myself to work only on those things. That way, no matter how the rest of my day goes, no matter how much time I get to work, I will have done the most important 1-3 things on that list!

Tank with Built-in-Bra (it’s my all-time fave!) | Align Leggings (find the best dupe here for $29!)

The Best Breakfast Tool

Guys, have I already told you a million times how much I love my air fryer? (I posted about it here and here on the blog.) It makes my mornings (and most meals, actually) SO MUCH BETTER. Since I want to work right up until the girls wake up, when I hear them stirring I’ll run in the kitchen and throw their breakfast in the air fryer. By the time I go get them and bring them out to the kitchen, it’s hot and ready! My favorite breakfast things to make for them in it are frozen sausages, bacon, potatoes, or muffins! Lately we’ve been getting these frozen blueberry oat muffins and they love them – they come frozen/individually packaged so they last forever, and they’re GF with fresh zucchini and carrots in them! You can get them from Amazon or Instacart if your Costco carries them!

“Breakfast” for me!

As for food for me, I’m TRYING intermittent fasting – I think it’s so effective when I’m consistent! And then when I DO eat, I try to start with my favorite smoothie. Recipe is in this post!

Amazing Grass | Healthy Foods that are Shelf Stable

If you’re in a funk, try switching up your morning routine! Honestly, just doing ONE of these things will help!



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