I heard about the Molekule Air Purifier from a friend who worked on the production side of a commercial project with the company. After working on the project with them, he was completely sold on Molekule and got one for himself. He also (obviously) told us about it, and I was really intrigued.

Our Mold Problem

Fast forward a few months, and we discovered we had a massive mold problem caused by our AC unit (you might remember seeing this play out in my Instagram stories!) The air conditioning had been leaking, and when we were able to open up the wall we saw there was standing water underneath and a crazy amount of mold. This was especially concerning because the mold was located where the air intake is. So essentially moldy air was being blown throughout our entire house!

The mold was cleaned out, dry wall cut out and replaced, and the air conditioner repaired. But even after all of that, I was still worried about lingering mold – especially with a new baby with lung issues in the house – and wanted to make sure our air was clean. I remembered what our friend said about the Molekule, and decided to give it a try.

Our Take on the Molekule

We were really excited when the Molekule showed up. I loved the packaging, love the design of the unit itself, and it was crazy easy to set up. But after we got it set up, Blake and I started laughing because we were like, “How do we know if it’s actually working??”

Now that we’ve had it for a few months, I genuinely do believe it’s working! It’s hard to explain exactly how I know, but here are the little things we’ve noticed that make me sure:

  • Near where the Molekule is usually sitting, we have a media console. Blake and I always used to comment on how fast dust bunnies accumulate under there, and we’d clean them out daily. Since we’ve had the Molekule, there have been literally zero dust bunnies!
  • We have some friends that come to stay with us from out of town, and they have a little dog. I’m super allergic to their dog, and feel sick the whole time they’re here. Sometimes when it’s really bad, my face and eyes have swollen shut. They just recently stayed with us and I wasn’t allergic at all. Like, not at all!
  • Recently, people kept complaining about a horrible gas smell all over Orangey County (so freaky) and I never smelled it in our house. Blake always teases me about my crazy sensitive nose, so this is saying something ;).
  • And one of my favorite things I’ve noticed – the room always seems to have that fresh, just-cleaned feeling even when I haven’t cleaned it for a while!


I wish we could have the air tested for mold, but I do feel really confident that the Molekule is also taking care of that. If you want to nerd out and read more about the science/technology behind it, go here! There are also tons of interesting facts and helpful information on their Instagram feed.

If you end up getting one, please let me know what you think! Let’s start a Molekule Klub ;). Ha!