If you’re like me, “lazy” and “last minute” describe your Halloween.  I hate to admit it, but Halloween ALWAYS sneaks up on me, I’m not sure what our plans will be, and I end up regretting my lack of planning.  Even when I do have time to plan, I feel like there are some instances where I just want to show a little bit of spirit without going all out.  These include kids’ Halloween parties (that aren’t actually on Halloween anyways), needing to wear a costume to work (but you still want to be taken seriously), or that party you’re invited to that you’re not sure IF people will even be dressed up or not!  Can you relate?  So this year, I STILL don’t know what we are going to be OR what we are doing, but I planned ahead and ordered a couple of back-up options so I’m ready in case of emergency.

Snapchat Dog.  I love this one, which is funny because I don’t even use the Snapchat filters much.  And you know loves it more than me?!  My frenchie Lo…it’s like all is right in the world when I put it on ;).  And the good news – it’s available on Amazon for just $19.99!

Snapchat Dog Filter Costume | Palms to PInes Snapchat Dog Filter Costume | Palms to PInes Snapchat Dog Filter Costume | Palms to PInes

Snap-chat Dog Filter | Brown Coat from The Oxford Trunk

And I wish I had a better video, but here’s how much Lo loves me with it on:

And if you’re with a group of friends, you can all be different Snapchat filters!  My favorites are the rainbow (barf?), the butterfly filter, and the flower crown!

snapchat rainbow filterbutterfly-snapchat-filter-halloween-costume-hairflower-crown-hair-makeup-snapchat-filter-halloween-costume-desigualMy other go-to for the on-hand easy costume?  Wildfox!  Mostly because then you’re also just SO comfy, and you can keep them on hand for Halloweens & Octobers to come ;).  And the best news?  Right now they’re having a Friends & Family sale, so you can get 25% off by using code BFF at checkout!
Wildfox Unicorn Costume | Palms to Pines-4

Wildfox Unicorn Costume | Palms to Pines-7

“I’m A Unicorn” Hoodie

I’m also obsessed with this skeleton sweatsuit

Shop Wildfox’s whole Halloween collection here – and remember to use code BFF for the 25% off!

Here’s to half-assing Halloween and feeling great about it! 🙂  I want to hear your lazy ideas, too!