Ok, so unless you live under a rock you know that the hottest gift on all the kids’ lists this year is a personal electric scooter – also known as a Rolbot, a Hoverboard, a Skywalker, a hands-free Segway, or a personal transporter.  Whatever you want to call them, everybody wants one, and I had to find out why.  So I did some research to find the best one out there for the best price, tested it out to see what all the hype was about, and then in true blogger style, begged for a discount code ;).  In summary, the best brand I found was far and away Rolbots, I did get a discount code for all of you, and for the record, I get it now.  I get why people love these things so much!  Here’s why:

SAFETY – First off, I know what you’re thinking right now – you’re thinking about how you saw one of these things catching fire on the news.  Of course, this was also one of the first things I asked Rolbots when I was testing them.  Here’s the deal – in order to drive their costs and prices down, some manufacturers started putting cheaper batteries in their scooters.  These cheap, inadequate batteries are what is malfunctioning.  (Read this article for more information on this.) Rolbots has maintained the highest quality batteries and materials in their scooters, and they are perfectly safe and reliable because of that.  You can read about their batteries, casing, protection, and chargers here.  So please – do NOT buy a cheap one to save some money, and do not buy any brand without proper research!  As far as Rolbots go, I’ve done the research for you and really believe they are perfectly safe.

SHIPPING – This might be the best news – they ship same-day from Orange County!  So if you order soon (within the States), you are guaranteed to get it before Christmas!  They come in a box ready to go – even with a charge!  So all you have to do is take it out, turn it on, and go!  Instant fun for Christmas morning ;). Rolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to Pines

VARIETYRolbots come in 12 different colors, so you’ve got options!  Of course I wanted the champagne color, and Blake went for black.  I love both of them!  Check out all the different colors here.Rolbot - Palms to Pines

THE EXPERIENCE – Ok, and now for my experience.  I’ll admit, I had no idea how I’d feel about it once I got on.  I’ve never been good at skateboarding or similar activities, and I was sure I’d fall on my face.  Not the case at all – it was actually SO EASY and SO FUN!  I was cruising around in no time!  And as weird as it sounds, it really does feel like it becomes a part of you.  Like, an extension of yourself.  You use your toes/heels to turn and spin, and just kind of lean your body weight to go forwards and backwards.  It really is an amazing feeling!  And another crazy part – they’re totally silent!  And you really can turn on a dime, I was surprised at how fast and accurately I was able to control it.  You really do have to try it for yourself to understand, but we had so much fun that first night on them cruising around together.Rolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to Pines Rolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to Pines Rolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to PinesRolbots | Palms to Pines

I think my absolute favorite part about the Rolbot is showing it to other people for the first time.  It’s so fun to watch them light up when they get that feeling for the first time!  And seeing people’s reactions when we take it out in public is priceless – everyone wants to try.  These Rolbots are going to be a conversation starter at our house for a long time ;).
Rolbots | Palms to Pines Rolbots | Palms to Pines

So do I recommend buying a Rolbot?  Yes!  If you can swing it as a Christmas gift for someone, do it!  And if there’s a kid you’re shopping for, this will seriously make their Christmas!

THE ROLBOT DISCOUNT CODE – Alright, here’s the good news!  Rolbots are currently already on sale on their site, marked down from $595 to $425!  And I’ve got a code for you to get another $25 off AND free shipping!!  Just use code “PalmsToPines” when checking out.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, otherwise hurry and order so you get it by Christmas.  Happy rolling! 😉