To make your holiday shopping a little easier, I’m compiling a guide based both on things I want for myself or things I’ve chosen for the people on my gifting list.  As the holiday season goes on and I keep shopping, I’ll keep updating the list with my finds.  I hope this guide sparks some ideas for you, and makes gifting a little easier on you!

The Little Things

These are the things that would be great for co-workers you’re not THAT close with, people who show up at your house with a gift unexpectedly, or those people you want to buy a gift for but don’t want to spend a ton because you don’t know if they’re goign to get you anything and you don’t want them to feel bad when they open your gift.  You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?! 😉

  • Stance Socks – Yes, they have to be Stance ;). If the person you give them to already wears Stance socks, they will instantly appreciate the value of this gift.  If they don’t, their world is about to change, and you will be the person that helped them discover the best socks ever.  Just take my word for it!  I get them for my brothers every year and they LOVE them.  Shop men’s and women’s here!
  • Candles – Who doesn’t love a good candle? I love receiving candles as gifts, and everytime I burn it I think of the person who gave it to me…and in turn associate that good smell with them!  Here are some of my favorites, mostly under $20!
  • Cute Mugs – For that friend that you know appreciates a good mug!  And for an extra touch, throw a succulent in there like I did here.
  • Note Cards

Under $50

  • Favorite Coffee Table Books 
  • 2016 Planners and Calendars – With all the digital options out there, I still love having a tangible planner or calender in front of me, or displayed in the house.
  • Swell BottleI love these things!  Keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  Like, really.  So good for on the go, and come in so many rad colors/designs!  You’ll spend $25-$45, depending on the size.

Under $100

  • Clarisonic – One year, my sister and her husband got these for all four of their parents – Dads too – and they were a hit!  I guess even the men in our lives want their skin to feel amazing ;).  I recommend the Mia for $99.
  • Nike Frees – And yet another year, my sister and her husband got all the parents Nike Frees.  The basic pair is just $100, and if you know anyone that doesn’t have Nike Frees yet, they need a pair!
  • Cool Wall Art
  • Novelty Gadgets 
    • Tile – For those people who are always losing their keys, phone, and everything else!  Get 4 tiles for $70.

Under $200

  • Apple TV – We got one for my parents last year, and they loved it!  The new model is a little bit more at $149-$199 depending on storage, but it’s so cool.  (If you don’t want to splurge, you can still get last year’s version for $69!)
  • Portable and In-Home Speakers

$$ Any Amount $$

Gift Cards – In my opinion, better than cash because it shows some thought and gives the person permission to use it for a want (like a new shirt) instead of a need (like paying bills).  And, you can choose the amount!  Win, win!

Some of my favorite places to get gift cards for the holidays are:

Classes and Memberships

Are there any classes you know they’ve been dying to take?  Or memberships they’d totally use?  Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Costco Membership – Gift a Gold Star Membership for only $55 for one year!  Because who doesn’t want to be able to shop at Costco?!
  • AAA Membership – (this is SO valuable in comparison to how much it costs – for that person that’s forever breaking down, running out of gas, or locking their keys in the car!  4 free tows, gas rescues, or locksmiths per year for $68!
  • Great Courses – You can choose any amount to give on a gift certificate, and then they can choose their course!  Course prices vary, and there are over 500 courses available in just about ever subject you can imagine.  (I want to do the photographer one!!)
  • Amazon Prime – $99 for one year of: FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items, unlimited access to over a million songs, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive, and free books each month for Kindle.