Just like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Rocky and Bullwinkle, to name a few, summer nights and the fair is one of those classic combos. And it only happens during a small window every year, so you have to go for it when it’s available. Growing up in Utah, they have some pretty good fair offerings. Most of them are smaller, individual fairs, but they have all the necessities like fried food, farm animals and the type of sketchy rides that you’re pretty likely to puke from. The OC Fair though, this one takes any and all fair attractions and throws them together into one giant, mega-fair! Petting zoo, pig races, exotic animals, pony rides, amusement rides, haunted houses, monster trucks, concerts, street performers, impossible-to-win games that you waste too much money on, deep fried combos of all sorts (pizza, cheesecake, coffee, all meat, Oreos, pickles, Slim Fast bar) and one of the most notable fair items of the night was a 4x meat and cheese burger, with Krispy Kreme donuts as the bun.

So, with all that, Jen, myself and some of our best friends, Robbie and Leila, headed to the fair for a memorable summer night and maybe even a donut burger tasting. Here are some of the highlights below…

OC Fair-5OC Fair-2OC Fair-1OC Fair-3OC Fair-12OC Fair-16OC Fair-25OC Fair-32OC Fair-38OC Fair-39OC Fair-42OC Fair-20OC Fair-54OC Fair-56OC Fair-48Blake’s Outfit: Nudie Jeans ($143 at the Nordstrom sale!) | The Rail Tee ($19 at the Nordstrom sale!) | Supra Skytops | Wonderland Sunglasses 

Jen’s Outfit: Knot Sisters Dress |Palladium Canvas Boots | Vegan Leather Jacket | Komono Sunglasses