I still get an insane amount of questions about sleep schedules and sleep training, both for toddlers and babies. It’s completely understandable because sleep is SO important, both for a baby’s development and for a parents’ quality of life! Another reason I know I get asked about it a lot is because my girls have slept SO well in general, and I do not believe that’s a coincidence! We’ve worked hard up until now to make this happen, with the help of Melissa Brown from Sleep Shop. I’ve posted about her here and here.

Melissa Gayle Photography | Palms to Pines | Romy and Piper Twin Girl Nursery

Now that we are moving into a new realm of sleep and will inevitably have to switch from cribs to beds soon, it feels like we are going to be starting all over. We are trying to get ahead of it all by working with Megan, who I talked about here and here.

I’ve struggled with how much to share from what I’ve learned from them, and how to properly share it. I am SO excited that they’ve both just come out with really amazing videos. These videos do a really nice job of giving key information to help your baby or toddler sleep. If you are struggling with sleep in any way, you have NO excuse to not watch these videos. Check all of the boxes you can – they list them clearly here.

Each video is only $25 to purchase, and you can use code “jen25” for 25% off, making them $19 ;). You can search Vimeo On Demand for “Sleep Shop”, or I’ll embed them below.

Here’s Melissa’s which I would recommend for babies newborn (yes, newborn!) to a year…

SleepShop Infant Video from Melissa Brown on Vimeo.

And if you have toddlers, watch this video from Megan! She’s amazing for all things (sleep, behavior, potty training, etc.) toddlers age 1-3!

ToddlerShop Video from Melissa Brown on Vimeo.

Guys, it’s literally science. I’m not saying every baby will sleep as much as mine do, but they WILL sleep. If you seriously try to implement all of the things they talk about in these videos and are still having issues, then I’d also consider scheduling a call with them because they are really great at helping with specific issues and tailoring a routine to what your baby needs.

Transitioning from bassinet to crib
Toddler Sleep Tips

Let me know what you think, and GOOD LUCK!! I’m over here rooting for your babes to sleep ;).