Easter Sunday 2018 at the Montage

Easter Brunch at the Montage in Laguna Beach - Orange County
The past few years, Blake and I have spent Easter on our own. I hate spending holidays away from family, so you can imagine how excited I was this year when I realized that not only was it our first Easter with Romy and Piper, but my sister and her family would be in town for it! And an added bonus – it also happened to fall on my sister’s birthday! She’s an April Fools’…
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Valentine’s Day | Traditions & Tees

Valentine's Day Tee Shirts
What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions? I want to start thinking about some fun ones to start with our little family – both with Blake and with Romy and Piper. Growing up, I remember that my mom used to make these really amazing, huge, chewy oatmeal cookies on Valentine’s Day, and only Valentine’s Day. I think it might have started because my dad loves oatmeal cookies, so she made them for him…
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Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's First Uggs | Baby's First Christmas
Do you know a baby headed into their first winter/Christmas season? ‘Cause I know a couple and I’m having so much fun shopping for them ;). It was all triggered by a sweet friend who bought them their first pair of UGGs. You guys…baby Uggs might be the cutest thing ever! I rounded up my favorite stuff from Nordstrom for “Baby’s First Christmas”, inspired by those baby Uggs of course! Ugg Purl Knit Booties BABY’s…
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Streamlining Holiday Shopping with some Cozy Gifts

5 cozy christmas gifts everyone wants
A few nights ago I woke up at 3am (to pump, duh). Normally I can fall right back to sleep afterwards, but this time my mind started spinning around all of the things I need to get done. The girls could possibly come home soon, our time in the hospital has put me behind on so many work deadlines, we are hosting Thanksgiving this week, and we all know how fast Christmas sneaks up after…
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If Valentine’s Day Were a Thing ;)

Valentine's Day style on Jen Hawkins | Palm to Pines style blog
Ok, so real talk: I’ve literally never had anyone take me out on Valentine’s Day.  But you know what?  I’m actually finally at a point in my life where I’m JUST FINE WITH THAT.  I think I’d rather stay home in sweats and watch a movie with Blake (and Lo, duh). Hypothetically speaking, if I were to go out on Valentine’s Day, I think I might wear this dress.  But I can’t say for sure,…
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Burgundy Dress | Free Shipping by Christmas

Today I’m running around like a crazy person, finishing up all of those minute things before we leave for Christmas.  But I had to post this burgundy dress before Christmas because you might need it ;).  And FYI – you can still get shopping done online today!! FREE delivery by Christmas Eve is still available from online stores like Nordstrom,  Shopbop, Revolve, Free People, Zappos, Macy’s, and of course there’s always Amazon Prime. Good luck,…
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Christmas Pajamas for the Win

Christmas Pajamas | Palms to Pines style blog
Every year around this time, there are certain things that get us all in the Christmas spirit.  It’s almost like these little things add up to create that holiday feeling we miss all year long.  The music, the pretty lights, the food, the family time, people’s kindness, and it might sound silly but….Christmas pajamas.  I actually LOVE seeing pictures of everyone’s kids in their little Christmas jammies.  New pajamas on Christmas Eve has always been a tradition in my…
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Christmas Cards | It’s not too late ;)

Jen Hawkins and Blake Nyman Christmas Cards on Palms to Pines
Guys, we are sending out our very first Christmas card this year! Although we of course, procrastinated the decision and here we are, 9 days before Christmas and I’m trying to decide which card to get.  The good news is that we are using Minted, so it’s actually no biggie ;).  If you order tonight, you can get FREE rush shipping and get your card by Tuesday the 20th with code SHIPNOW.  Also, if you’re a new…
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If you’re thinking of getting a dog this Christmas…

I have been wanting to write about our experience with Lo for a while, but it’s one of those things I just put off because I had so much to say.  Lately, I’ve had a lot of people asking about both our experience with her and about getting a dog in general.  I thought now would be a good time to share what I’ve learned, since I know there are a lot of people thinking about pulling…
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My Cyber Monday Favorites

Cyber Monday favorites by Jen Hawkins on Palms to Pines fashion blog
I love using Cyber Monday to find sales where you normally can’t find them!  I’m sharing a few of those below – the first one being that one of my favorite local brands, Stillwater, is offering 20% off all orders + free shipping with code CYBERMONDAY.  That includes the outfit I’m wearing below that I’ve had so many questions about!! The Softest Pullover in Grey (20% off with code CYBERMONDAY) | To The Utha Side Skirt (20% off…
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