Weekly FAQ | High Chairs, Baby Monitor, White Henley, Milk vs. Formula, etc.

micuna ovo high chair
I said I was going to make this a weekly thing back in May, and then I only did it once (insert eye roll here). Someone tell me HOW is it already October?!?! Here’s another attempt at doing this weekly, starting today! I’m going to answer the most frequent that I get in emails, comments, and direct messages throughout the week in hopes that it helps others who might have the same questions! These might…
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First-Timers at the Pumpkin Patch

We took Romy and Piper to the pumpkin patch on Friday, and once again I was surprised at how much they seemed to know what was going on and love it. Before we went, we just had little tiny pumpkins at home on our mantle. The girls love to play with them, and Romy loves to hold them and whisper, “Pumpkin.” I told them that we were going to a place that would have tons…
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Family Photos with Tracy Layne | Taking Family Photos with Babies

Family Photos | Advice, Outfit Ideas
While we were in Utah, we took advantage of our time together as a family and did some family photos with Tracy Layne. The girls are in such a fun stage right now and changing so much every day. I love any chance I get to document it all! Jen’s Navy Dress | Jen’s Necklace | Jen’s Booties | Blake’s Sweatshirt | Blake’s Tan Pants | Blake’s Boots | Piper’s Top | Piper’s Bloomers | Romy’s…
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