Hydration IV Therapy at The Hydration Room

Hands down the best thing I’ve done in preparation for travel is go to The Hydration Room, especially in the winter.  Living in an easy climate like California makes visiting high altitude, cold, dry places tough, especially in the winter!  I get dry skin and lips, feel tired and dehydrated, usually have a scratchy throat, and sometimes actually get sick (which is pretty rare for me – knock on wood!)  This last two-week trip we did for the holidays, with the first week being in Seattle and the second in Utah, Blake and I went to The Hydration Room the night before we left.  I’ve liked getting IV therapy for a while, mostly for the benefits to my skin, but I developed a while new appreciation this time.  I’m not kidding – almost everyone in our families got sick over those two weeks except for us.  We were all staying in the same house, cooking, and eating together.  I am completely convinced that it was because of our treatment at The Hydration Room (and a little because our families were both so aware of their germs – thanks guys!)

Now we are headed off for another two weeks, back to winter but this time in Europe!  With a long plane flight, not a lot of sleep, and lots of snow ahead of us, we had another round!  We did the same treatment as last time – the Cold and Flu Remedy with an extra bag of fluid.  My skin is glowing already, and fingers crossed this helps us enjoy or trip that much more!

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If you have any questions about IV or The Hydration Room, please comment or message me!  And for the record, I HATE needles and have made it through every treatment just fine ;).

A few other things we do to maintain the boost from The Hydration Room while traveling:

Amazing Grass – I love taking packets of Amazing Grass! It’s a great way to get those greens without hunting down cold-pressed juice (which sometimes you can’t even find!) and they have a blend specifically for boosting your immune system.  I just stocked up for Europe with my Amazon Prime!  The individual packets are super easy to just dump into a bottle of water when traveling.

Skincare, Lip Balm and Lotion – To maintain my skin, I use lots of moisturizer on my face, morning and night, along with sunscreen if I’ll be outside/skiing.  I’ve tried so many expensive ones that I love, but since I use SO much I go through them too quickly.  I always end up coming back to this drug-find, Cereve, in the night-time version.  I’ve got Blake hooked on it now, too!I also make sure to keep up the lip balm and pack travel sized body lotions and hand cream!  We love our Burt’s Bees, but my sister-in-law just got me a really nice lip balm with SPF for Europe, so I’ll let you know how it is!

Water, Water, Water – Keep drinking water to stay hydrated!

Here’s to traveling healthy and hydrated ;).