How is it Friday again?!  This week flew by.  Some things on my mind as we head into the weekend…

I woke up this morning thinking about this day in 2001 – the day that would became infamously known as 9.11.  It’s impossible to go through today without feeling sad, but I love hearing the stories of courage and hope that have surfaced.  I heard something new today that I hadn’t before – did you know Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York? And in the aftermath of 9.11, he volunteered for long shifts working alongside his FDNY brothers.  Read more of that story here.

On a happier note, it’s officially fashion week in NYC, and one of our best friends, Leila Goldkuhl, just walked in the Givenchy Fashion show!  We were so excited to watch her, and SO proud of her.  The show itself was amazing – the setting was unreal.  The combination of that, the music, and watching Leila kind of made me tear up.  Watch it here.

Leila Goldkuhl | Palms to Pines

And speaking of fashion, Blake and I went to Cleobella’s launch party for their Spanish Rose Collection last night and had so much fun.  I LOVE going to their parties – we always want to stay and hang out until the end (which honestly usually doesn’t happen at those things, especially for Blake!)  My love for Cleobella runs deeps, so more to come on that.  For now, check out the Spanish Rose collection here!

And I’ll leave you with some snaps of yesterday’s outfit – a casual take on my new favorite leather skirt!  You’re going to see this skirt from MyIndah popping up a lot here soon…#sorrynotsorry.  It’s soft and buttery and fits amazing, and the zipper up the front just kills me.  Also…these birks?!  Silver python?  Uhhh, duh I needed them.
MyIndah Leather | Palms to PinesMyIndah Leather | Palms to PinesMyIndah Leather | Palms to PinesMyIndah Leather | Palms to PinesMyIndah Leather | Palms to PinesMyIndah Leather | Palms to Pines

Urban Outfitters Tee | MyIndah Leather Pencil Skirt | Birkenstock Sandals | D’Blanc Sunglasses | FillipoLoreti Watch | St. Eve Bracelet