Usually visits with my girlfriends down here seem few and far between, but this week was different.  Each day I got to see a different girlfriend I love, and with how much Blake has been working, it made for a really good week.  It also made me think a lot about relationships.  Each friend is in a different stage – one has a boyfriend, one is single and had stories of meeting guys at Coachelle, one just went through a tough breakup, and one is married.  I love that no matter what stage we are in, we have our girlfriends!  It made me think of several Sex and the City quotes, but I will always love this one:

“We made a deal ages ago… men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.” – Samantha, Sex and the City

With one of those girlfriends, I finally made it to see the newly remodeled Anthropologie store at Newport Beach in Fashion Island.  Guys, it’s AMAZING.  I just want to live there!  First of all, it’s massive.  There are so many clothes, but they’re almost an afterthought as you’re trying to take in everything else.  There are full sections dedicated to beauty, shoes, kitchen, home decor, books and stationary, etc.  If you live in Orange Count you need to go see it, and if you’re from out of the area it’s worth a stop on your next visit!  I couldn’t help but snap a photo of one of my favorite bedroom displays:

Anthropologie Newport Beach | Palms to Pines

Slub Velvet Ainsworth BedAprile Duvet and Shams | Peonia CoverletCoral Veranda Throw | Patchwork Pup PillowBotanical Specimen PrintInk Flower Wall ArtRose Queen Wall Art | Canterbury Wallpaper | Anchored Orb Chandelier | Sphere Study Lamp Ensemble | Laquered Wellington Four Drawer Dresser

And with so much to see, I ended up just buying the simple (and super comfy!) ribbed black tank dress shown below.  I’ll definitely be back for more that I had my eye on ;).

Black Ribbed Tank Dress | Palms to PinesBlack Ribbed Tank Dress | Palms to PinesBlack Ribbed Tank Dress | Palms to PinesBlack Ribbed Tank Dress | Palms to PinesGinerva Maxi Dress | Pons Classic Sandals | Honeybush Bracelets | Welden Bag | Raen Sunglasses

And the girl I’ve spent the most time this week?  Little Lo!  Poor thing got spayed last Saturday, which was a lot more traumatizing (for both of us) than I expected!  But she did get the cutest little package from Waggo that she LOVED.  She loves to carry the rope toy around in her mouth everywhere, it’s the cutest thing.  It’s been hard to find cute dog toys, beds, bowls, etc., so I was excited to see how cute Waggo’s stuff is!

Waggo Ceramic Bowl and Toys | Palms to Pines Waggo Ceramic Bowl and Toys | Palms to Pines

Ceramic Dog Bowl | Anchor Toy | Buoy Toy 

 And since I’m talking a lot about girls today…how about Beyonce?  Unless you live under a rock, you’ve at least heard about the release of her new album Lemonade, and all of the drama surrounding it.  We watched the debut of the visual album on HBO on Saturday.  It was unique, visually stunning, and a little crazy.  My favorite piece was “Hold up,” where she walks around in this amazing yellow dress with a bat :).  You can download the songs and video in iTunes here.

beyonce yellow dress gif

The dress is Roberto Cavalli, aka none of us can afford it ;).  But if you’re into the color and style and you want to channel your inner “Lemonade,” here are a few similar options:

Alright, I’m off to San Diego, actually for a meeting and time with some more girlfriends!  Woohoo!  Happy Friday!