New digitals. You guys, WHY is it so hard to take unedited photos?!?  Blake and I both had to take new digitals today, something I normally avoid as much as possible…they feel like naked mug shots!  (Don’t worry, you’re in a swimsuit!)  Or like a really bad “before” something picture.  But it ended up being way more fun to do it together, and  Blake is so good about being encouraging and making me feel good about myself.  I think I take that for granted sometimes.  So thanks to Blake for that!  If you aren’t sure what digitals are, they’re basically like a “polaroid” – an instant, raw & accurate representation of how you photograph.  Clients or potential clients want to see them to make sure they know what you ACTUALLY look like in pictures, pre-photoshop!

Yoga Problems.  I panicked this week when I realized I’ve never cleaned my yoga mat…SO GROSS to think about!  I immediately text more two favorite yogis (Sadie and Stephanie) and asked what they use.  They recommended a spray by Manduka called Mat Renew, which I quickly discovered was available several places for just $5, including good ol’ Nordstrom.  It’s an organic, all-purpose cleaner that disinfects, cleans and refreshes your mat with essential oils and all-natural ingredients.  Safe to use everyday!

Pillows on sale.  West Elm kills me with their never-ending new pillows – I always just want more!  I had my eye on these guys for a while, and now they’re on sale!!  Love the Moroccan look.West Elm Pillows | Palms to Pines | Sale

More rad pillows, on sale!

Oscar Weekend.  The Oscars are this Sunday!  There’s been a lot of controversy this year with the lack of diversity in nominations, so it’s interesting that Chris Rock is hosting.  And come on, will Leo FINALLY win best actor?!  I usually try to watch all of the nominees for best picture, but I’m still not there yet!  I LOVED all the ones I’ve seen and already can’t choose between those.  I have yet to see Brooklyn, Room, and Spotlight.  Here are all the best pictures nominees:

Channing_Tatum_Hail_Caesar.png.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeHail, Caesar!  Speaking of movies, we finally saw Hail, Caesar! this week and I loved it.  I had read negative reviews so I went in with low expectations, which I think made me love it more!  Aesthectically it was so beautiful to watch – I loved so many shots in it.  On of my favorites was the synchronized swimming scene.  My very favorite was Channing Tatum’s musical number.  If you have ever loved Channing, you need to see it ;).  I appreciated it’s humor – it was so smart.  Here’s a little tease of his song:

New, out this week.  Macklemore’s new album came out last night (the Seattle Times calls it “a triumphant pop success”) and Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix…what more could you ask for in a week?!Macklemore - The Unruly Mess I've Made

Have the best weekend!