Clear Weather Brand shoes.  Guys, Blake and I both took a new pair to New York, and we literally would get stopped on the street by people wanting to know what brand our shoes were.  It was pretty funny – I started wishing I had Clear Weather fliers to hand out so I wouldn’t have to keep explaining it ;).  Seriously though, these shoes are so unique and high quality, and SO COMFORTABLE.  Like, I can’t stress that enough.  They saved our feet running around New York.  The best part it, you can get 35% OFF SITEWIDE, today only!  Just use code CLEARWEATHER2015 at checkout.  Now I’m sitting here debating which pair I need next…

Stillwater | Clearweather-21

The One-O-One in Natural CrocNew York Day 1-12

The One-Ten in Snowstorm 
Clear Weather Shoes | H&M Sweater | Palms to PinesThe One-Thirty in White

Textured Sweaters under $30 – Blake and I both ended up with a few sweaters each from H&M this last week.  H&M is hit or miss for me sometimes, but I LOVE the feeling and texture of so many of theirs sweaters right now, and they are so inexpensive.  I had this white one open in my browser for a good week wondering if it was good quality, and then finally bought it in store and LOVE it.  
New York Day 1-10

H&M Women’s Knit Sweater | Rayban Sunnies 

As for Blake, we loved the texture and the longer fit of several, especially this cream one!

Clear Weather Shoes | H&M Sweater | Palms to Pines Clear Weather Shoes | H&M Sweater | Palms to PinesClear Weather Shoes | H&M Sweater | Palms to Pines

Full House + Jimmy Fallon.  Leave it to Jimmy to make all of my nostalgic dreams come true!  In this amazing reunion, the cast gave us everything we could have wanted with all of their catchphrases, and even a kiss between Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky (followed by a classic “Have Mercy!”)  The only thing that could have made this better would have been an Olson twin appearance, but such is life.  I have to admit, I’ll be watching Fuller House when it streams on Netflix February 26th!

Overheard LA.  You guys, this Instagram account kills me.  It’s so…LA.  If you live or have ever lived near LA, you should probably follow it.

Overheard LA | Palms to PInesOverheard LA | Palms to PInesOverheard LA | Palms to PInes

Happy Friday!