Guys, how is it November?!?  Like, woah.

We spent a beautiful weekend with family in Napa, and then the rest of this week has been a crazy one!  I got to travel to Utah to work with one of my favorite clients, and now I’m so glad to be home and headed into the weekend.  Tonight, we get to attend an amazing charity event with a company Blake’s worked with for a while –  Then tomorrow, we plan to beach it until we get to go to GARTH BROOKS.  I can’t even express how excited I am to see him in concert…you may want to stop following me over the weekend cause I’ll probably be posting some really sappy annoying things about how I’ve waited my whole life to see him and blah blah blah…you’ve been warned!

Before I sign off for the weekend, here’s what I’ve been particularly into this week:

  • Weather chilly enough to wear a SWEATSHIRT!  It FINALLY happened in Southern California!  I LOVE this sweatshirt from The Great (And I love that Laguna Supply carries The Great – it’s what I look for first when I go in their store!)The Great | Palms to PinesThe Great | Palms to PinesThe Great | Palms to PinesThe Great | Palms to PinesThe Great | Palms to PinesOutfit available in store at Laguna Supply, or shop online here: The Great Sweatshirt | rag & bone Jeans (on sale!) | Electric Sunglasses | Clhei Backpack
  • The CMA awards, because they are so fun to watch.  And even the country-music-haters out there can’t help but smile watching Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton’s performance – it was so good!
    Not going to lie – we thought his performance was amazing, but were a little confused wondering “Who is Chris Stapleton?!” as he won award after award.  He’s actually an amazing songwriter that’s been in the industry for years, but he just released his first solo album called “Traveller.”  Check out this Rolling Stone article for a run-down, and listen to his album here:
  • Has anyone heard about this trend of adult coloring?!  I honestly think it’s the best idea ever.  Some people use it as a form of meditation, which totally makes sense to me.  Painting and coloring have always been both therapeutic and nostalgic for me.  I remember on 9/11, I came home from school to an empty house, and in an effort to feel better pulled out one of my little sister’s coloring books and just colored for hours.  I love how Julie Beck explained it in an Atlantic – “There’s something satisfying about seeing your thought and effort create a tangible, pretty thing at a reasonable, predictable pace. This rarely happens in life.”  And guess what?  There are actually coloring books out there with BEAUTIFUL patterns!  I love the series from Johanna Basford, and I’m also kind of obsessed with this one called Splendid Cities (don’t forget to get yourself some colored pencils when you order! ;))Adult Coloring - Palms to PinesAdult Coloring - Palms to PinesAdult Coloring - Palms to Pines Adult Coloring - Palms to Pines
    Adult Coloring - Palms to Pines
    Adult Coloring - Palms to Pines
  • Blake and I are starting to think about holiday shopping and budgets – we love finding meaningful gifts for people, and we are determined to be organized and methodical about it this year!  I’ll report back next week on our progress and any good ideas we come across – let me know if you have any tricks or suggestions!
  • And on that note, you have to check out Nordstrom’s Fall Clearance sale, cause it’s REALLY GOOD.