A few random things I’m into this week…

As we get ready to do another road trip to Vegas, I have to tell you a new tradition we’ve picked up with my Mother-in-law – stopping in Primm to go to the Williams Sonoma outlet.  Guys, it’s the best.  We have the random amazing find of a big item that we can’t pass up, but for the most part I stock up on my favorite little things, like these (have all become staples in our house!):

Williams Sonoma | Palms to PinesEat Well Cookbook | Oven Mitts | Dish Towels | Dish Soap | Hand Soap & Hand Lotion Set | KAI Knives | Dish Brush | Vanilla Extract | Vanilla Bean Paste

And since it’s in “season”, This “Football Tee” from Monrow is one of my very favorites.  Like one of those I always want to wear again before it’s made it through the wash ;).  It’s so comfy, and it’s on SALE.

Monrow Football Tee | Palms to PinesMonrow Football Tee (on sale!) | One Teaspoon Shorts | Sunski Sunglasses

Speaking of football, if you like it at all you need to check out Lulu DK’s new NFL tattoo line.  Seriously the BEST way for ladies to show their spirit.  Of course I’m biased and love my Hawks, but she’s got your team here.

Seahawks Lulu DK Tattoos | Palms to PinesSeahawks Lulu DK Tattoos | Palms to Pines

Seahawks play the Bengals this Sunday!  (You can get tattoos for the Bengals too, but who wants that when you can get Seahawks stuff?)  Go Hawks!