I’ve been horrible about posting this week, but it’s been a busy one.  And today, I’m headed home (to Seattle) to see my littlest brother play in one of his last high school football games.  It’s Senior Night, so it will be so fun to watch him get recognition as a senior and be on my old stomping grounds.

On that note, I have a new favorite flying-flannel (I kind of always bring a flannel on my flights these days – it’s so easy to tie around your waist if it’s hot and then throw on once the plane gets cold!)  This flannel is from Sundry.  It’s such a good material, print, and fit.What I'm Into | Palms to Pines

Sundry Flannel Shirt | Monrow Tank | Rag + Bone Jeans | New Balance Shoes | Clhei Backpack | Komono Sunnies

As for the rest of the week, Blake and I got to do a shoot together Monday with some of our favorite photographers (and humans), Hazel and Pine.  I can’t get over this shot of us looking ridiculous…because it’s totally normal to be changing in the rain, at night, in a concrete river bed in downtown LA…right?  Our “normal” these days makes me laugh.
Hazel and Pine | Behind the Scenes | Palms to PInesAfter the shoot we hurried home for a double-date night with some friends, and they wanted to carve pumpkins.  At first I felt too tired, but once we got started it was so fun!  Sad side note – when we were buying our pumpkins at the store the clerk said they’ve sold hardly any pumpkins this year.  Because of the crazy heat we’ve had, no one is ready to celebrate Halloween.  Sad, right?!  However, when we were leaving the house this morning we saw that our carved pumpkins have completely melted into gross puddles on our patio.  Guess there’s a reason people aren’t carving…Mine is the cute bat and Blake’s is the owl.  I call them our Halloween porch pets!  At least I did until this morning (may they rest in peace…)What I'm Into | Palms to PinesWhat I'm Into | Palms to Pines
Adele came out with a new song today – her first single in three years!  Has anyone listened to it yet?  You guys…my heart!  It kind of works that it reminds me of that Lionel Richie song, cause I happen to love him too ;).  It’s called Hello, and here it is (the video is beautiful, too):

The whole album is due out November 20. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

We had some more hard times/sad news in our family this week.  I guess that just happens more and more the older you get.  My heart hurts for the people I love most right now (my family) but also feels so grateful that I have them, and that the situation will bring us together next weekend.  I didn’t sleep much Thursday night, and when I got out of bed Friday morning I needed a project.  So, I started painting this old IKEA shelf we have.  A designer friend (Jesi Haack) intoduced me to this AMAZING copper color from target and I have been dying to find somewhere to use it.  Now I just need to figure out if I should paint or stain the rest…stay tuned for the finished product ;).

What I'm Into | Palms to Pines

Here’s to a weekend that hopefully involves a little bit of home and a little bit of family for everyone.



What I'm Into | Palms to Pines