This week has been such a good one!  We were slated to be in Utah, and due to work and other obligations, we decided to just stay home.  Although I am sad to be  missing the Warren Miller Premiere and time with friends and family, it’s been so nice.  I’ve finally put everything away from the move, had an awesome girls’ night, and caught up on (most of) my emails.  And we get to go to two concerts that are sure to be AMAZING – Florence and the Machine tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, and Father John Misty tomorrow at the Wiltern.  I can’t wait!!!  Here are a few things I’ve been loving in my time at home this week…

Blake and I have been watching Narcos on Netflix.  It’s kinda gnarly, but really eye-opening.  Narcos follows the true story of the infamous Colombian cocaine lord – Pablo Escobar, and U.S. DEA agent Steve Murphy’s journey to capture and kill him.  I guess I’ve always been a little oblivious to just how bad the drug trade was in the 80’s and 90’s, and how much it affected Columbia, the U.S., and several other countries.Narcos

On a completely unrelated note, St. Eve Jewelry released their latest collection and 70’s-inspired shoot “Sweet Emotion.”  I loved being a part of that shoot with some of my favorite ladies, and I loved each and every piece from St. Eve.  I’m also super in to the 70s in general lately, so I was pretty excited about the whole concept.  A few snaps from the shoot are below – check here for more.

St. Eve Jewelry | Palms to PinesimageimageimageimageimageimageSt. Eve Jewelry | Palms to PinesSt. Eve Jewelry | Palms to PinesPhotos by Taryn Kent, Hair/Makeup by Brie

And lastly – I loved Hillary Kerr’s list of “23 Things I wish I’d Known at 23”.  Every single one of these things resonated with me.  I’m well past 23, but it was still such a great reminder.  And it honestly reminded me of my little sister who is about to turn 23 this month, because she’s already so good at so many of the things on this list!

Part of the reason I loved that list so much was that my Great Aunt Dean passed away on Sunday.  She was a great lady, and I loved watching the friendship between she and my Grandma.  (She was married to my grandma’s brother).  When I called my Grandma to tell her how sorry I was about the loss of her friend, I couldn’t help but cry when I got off the phone.  I cried a little for my Aunt Dean and a little for my Grandma, but mostly because I feel so incredibly lucky to have had both of them in my life, and because I miss my Grandma so much.  My Grandma always asks so much about my life, and always says, “And are you happy?” and I know that’s really all she wants for me.  She said to my little sister yesterday, “Being young is awful hard, and being old is hard too. But that time in between… oh that can be such fun.”  How beautiful is that?