A few things I’m super excited about this week:

This morning, Blake and I headed to an early-morning appointment at John Wayne Airport to apply for TSA Pre-check.  Guys, it was so easy, and I’m SO excited!  If you get approved, it means you get expedited screening for domestic (and supposedly some returning international flights).  That means you get to go in a separate security line where you don’t have to remove your shoes, liquids, belts, and jackets.  It costs $85 to apply, but if you’re approved it lasts for 5 years.  Worth it, right?!  Here’s how you do it: apply online here, schedule an appointment here, and then when you go to your appointment bring your passport or drivers’ license and birth certificate.  Our appointment this morning was super easy and quick – took less than ten minutes.  Now we just wait 3-7 days to see if we are approved!  If we are approved, we get a KTN (known traveler number) that we use when we book are flights, and then our boarding pass will show that we can go through Pre-check!

TSA Pre Check | Palms to PinesTSA Pre Check | Palms to Pines

Everlane Cashmere CrewPaige Jeans |  Black Booties (on sale for $107 if you’re a sixe 7 or 8!) | Gorjana Body Chain | Clhei Travel Wallet | James Michelle Cuff Rings

Flat Lay | Nippies | Clear Weather | Palms to Pines

Clear Weather Shoes |Everlane Cashmere Crew | Nippies | Lack of Colour Hat | Bella & Chloe Necklace | St. Eve Ring | B-Low the Belt | Swell Bottle 

Oh hello, Nippies!  Are these new, or am I just way behind?!  I have forever struggled to find a good option for tops and dresses that can’t be worn with a regular bra, especially with the trends lately.  The last time I tried this stick-on option, it literally ripped off a layer of my skin when I took it off.  It was so painful, and I still have a scar from where it scabbed over on the center of my chest!  Ok so, I had two different stylists on shoots two days in a row this week give me Nippies, and it was the first time I’d seen them.  I’m hooked.  And I can’t even believe that you can wash and reuse them for so long!!  They solve the problem of your nipple showing through, look so natural, and even round out the boob with a little boost!  They’re made from medical grade silicon, and come in customizable sizes and colors.  Apparently, they’re also great for nursing moms to help with leaks.Nippies Skin | Palms to Pines

Did you hear the news about Barbie?  Mattel just released three new body types and skin tones for Barbie yesterday, available to purchase online here.  I have so many thoughts on this – too much to write here.  A better (less biased) use of your time would be to read Time Magazine’s cover story here.  How do you guys feel about this?  It will be interesting to see how it plays out…and what Barbie sells more.Curvy Barbie | Palms to Pines

And lastly, some inspiration from Ira Glass ;).  I struggle daily with my work – my modeling, what I want to do with the blog, and if I’m good enough.  I get so frustrated with myself, but I reflect on this quote by Ira Glass a LOT.  Lately I’ve been realizing my feelings are pretty normal, and have shared this quote with a few friends venting the same frustrations.  I hope someday the blog is something I’m really proud of, but if I wait for the day I have it perfect it will never happen.  I hope this helps some of you as much as it’s helped me, and thank you Ira Glass!

Ira Glass Quote | Palms to PinesHere’s to fighting our way through, until someday we are so crazy proud of our own work!  Also, happy Friday ;).