So I think everyone has that one thing they’re the most self conscious about, right? For me, it’s always been this one stupid tooth! I literally think about it every time I talk to someone, and it’s the first thing I notice in photos of myself. At work, I would find myself trying not to smile unless my head was turned to cover that tooth!

This Freakin’ Tooth…

I’ll spare you the long story, but it’s literally bothered me since I was ten. Basically, my whole smile was crooked and we realized I had an impacted tooth – one of my top canines was growing sideways up in my gums. They made a space with braces, I had surgery to hook a chain on it, and they brought it down. I always hated that it was a different color than the rest of my teeth, and my gums have always been a lot higher on it. Over the years, the tooth finally died, the color got worse, and the gums got higher. Three root canals, some internal bleaching and a bone graft later, I was left with a dead discolored tooth I hated more than ever and told that there wasn’t enough gum tissue to graft.

Dr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding Gums

Dr. Scott Harris

Enter Dr. Scott Harris…ha! He showed me some options for my smile I didn’t even know I had. And he made it SO easy. He understood exactly why it bothered me, showed me how he could fix it, and even suggested a couple of other little things he could do to make me happier with my smile. For the first time since I was ten, I can smile, talk, take a photo, and work without feeling self conscious. Part of me is like, “WHY didn’t I do this sooner?!” but another part of me is really glad that the timing worked out to have Dr. Harris do it.

Dr. Harris’ office is in Phoenix, but he has a lot of patients who travel to see him. My favorite thing that he offers is a free video consult. So if there is anything you’re unhappy with or wondering about your teeth or smile, seriously ask him! He makes it super easy – just click here to upload a photo, tell him what you want changed, and then he sends you a video back explaining your options. I seriously love seeing the before and afters he posts here – it’s addicting scrolling through them! Here are some of my favorites –

My Results

So Dr. Harris was able to place a veneer over my tooth, which finally gave me the color I’d been wanting. The coolest thing was that the lab he works with was able to make a veneer where the top part looks like my gums!!! He color matched my tooth and gums while I was there, and then they were able to create a veneer that perfectly matched both. I was nervous, but it turned out SO much better than I imagined – he really did an amazing job. He also suggested a couple other quick things – filled in a space I hated in another tooth right next to it, and evened my two front teeth out a bit. Overall, the process was quick, pain free, and has already given me so much more confidence.

You guys – I can finally smile in a photo without worrying about it! Feels pretty great :).

Dr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding GumsDr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding Gums

I know this post is different than what I normally talk about, but I wanted to share it just in case there is anyone out there who can relate. Teeth are a big deal, and if there’s something bugging you like it was bugging me, I want you to know that there are options for you. And it’s probably a lot more simple and affordable than you might think. Don’t let it go 20 years like I did ;).

Do you have a tooth story?!?! I want to hear about it – leave a comment below or message me! And for more information on what Dr. Harris can do, you can contact him here.


JenDr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding Gums Dr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding Gums