So the girls are officially teething! When they first started, I was in denial because it felt so early. I’d also been dreading teething, because I knew things would get tougher for all of us. I think a lot of people didn’t actually believe me, but I knew their teeth were close. Sure enough, after a couple weeks of struggle, Romy’s two bottom teeth poked through. The very next day, Piper’s came through! Must be twins. The upside – their teeth are SO cute! But I’m pathetically mourning the loss of their cute gummy smiles, of course ;).

As promised, I’m sharing all of the teething remedies that I’ve had recommended to me, as well as all of the advice you as readers shared when I asked on Instagram. You’ve all been SO helpful – this is honestly my favorite way to use Instagram! To share information and encourage each other. Many of the things recommended I had already been trying so that was really validating, and then I got tons of great new ideas I’d never heard of! Since every baby is different, it’s so nice to have options. Teething Tips | Homeopathic Teething Remedies I’ll include all of the comments below, but here are the things that are either favorites in our house or things people recommended over and over again!

  • Camilia Drops – I think this is the thing people have mentioned the most!! I like that they come in single doses so I don’t need a dropper or anything and it’s sterile. I can just throw them in my bag for emergencies!
  • Amber Necklaces – these still freak me out so I take them off at night, but we’ve been trying them during the day! SO many people swear by them – you’ll see that just in the comments below!
  • Cold or Frozen Foods to chew on
  • Mesh Feeder with frozen breast milk inside or certain frozen foods. I haven’t tried this yet, but I have the feeders from Munchkin ready to go! The girls haven’t started solids yet, and I’m intimated (and maybe a bit lazy) by how messy the frozen breastmilk would be. But one mom below said she freezes breast milk in silicone ice cube trays – genius! I would imagine you could do the same with formula if you don’t have the breast milk to spare ;).
  • Frozen Damp Washcloth – I have a hard time with this one because someone chewing on cloth is like nails on a chalkboard for me…but the babies really do love it!!!
  • Teetha Granules – A UK Mom swears by these and I started researching them and got excited to try them, but can’t find them in the US! Someone let me know if you find them? 😉
  • Infant Tylenol or Motrin for the times you get desperate! Most people mentioned they resort to this at night when their baby gets extra fussy and nothing else seems to help! We’ve done the same a few times, and I feel like sometimes it’s worth it to help them get comfortable and fall asleep. From what I hear, before 6 months you should use Tylenol, but the after 6 months it’s better to switch to Motrin (I understand this is because Tylenol is processed in their liver and Motrin isn’t – someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this!)

Teething Tips | Homeopathic Teething Remedies


  • shalicenoel Homeopathic! Chamomile 🙏🏻
  • britbattaglia Lavender + Copaiba essential oil! 🙌🏼
  • marissanphillips Honestly, I gave my daughter half a piece of celery stick and she just held onto it and gnawed on it forever 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
  • the_living_list Frozen washcloth to chomp on!
  • meladuddell Amber necklaces! Once they can pick stuff up and bring it to their mouths, lots of cold toys.
  • wellmommy Oh my that picture is SO cozy!!!!! Frozen anything that they can chew on and the amber necklace for sure!!!!
  • littlemommahoodlife Copaiba neat on the gums!
  • jamie_muzzy Great question! My daughter was born in September, so we’re going through the same thing here.. So far the only thing that has worked is nursing (duh) and (dye free) Tylenol
  • samrain30 Everyone I know swears by the amber necklace
  • lorynrachel For our twins we keep “cold chewies” in the freezer; these can be silicone teething toys or anything else you can wash then freeze. Also love Baby Bananas from Amazon! We own a half dozen and clip to stroller/car seat for the to have while traveling 🍌🍌
  • samrain30 Damp frozen washcloth and amber necklace.
  • heatedwards Chamomilla homeopathic tablets and an ice cold dill pickle.
  • hunterwifesweetlife Lavendar oil on jawline.
  • thebff Cold carrot (whole, as a teether), frozen chamomile tea washcloths, dye free infant Motrin. Amber necklace worked for us too. But seriously, when they start screaming in pain at 2am… reach for the infant Motrin. ✨
  • katie_rose415 Camilla drops!!!
  • miquela_joy Amber necklace! It’s saving my sanity right now!
  • abbiejemima Honestly, I’ve not found any miracle that stops the pain… HOWEVER! There is a teether that has worked magic, so much so I’ve bought my little guy two. The Matchstick monkey @matchstick_monkey , it’s soft enough that they can have a good naw and it won’t hurt their teeth/gums and it’s so easy for them to hold. Honestly I swear it’s my little boys best friend, can’t recommend them enough xx
  • tolbert.tribe We got one of those Amber Teething Necklaces for Fischer. I’ve never given him Tylenol or teething gel and it’s cut back on his drool like 95%. I can’t even remember what we did for the other 3 🙈 But don’t be afraid to give them a little Tylenol or Motrin if nothing else works.
  • susandaviswhitener Infant Motrin as it was the only thing that helped with the 2 to 5 teeth popping in at one time.
  • nea_nabayan Humphrey’s for them, wine for you.
  • pamelachelle We tried so many teething toys, and the best for us were the Chewbeads gramercy stroller toy, the baby banana, and the munch mit (we never put it on his hand, but he loved to hold it and chew on it, and it crinkles).
  • ms.zapata Sophie the Giraffe! 🦒 Best teether hands down!!
  • kristinalapin Baby 🍌 Banana teething toy from Amazon
  • meg_mcg4 I used a silicone ice cube tray and froze some breast milk in little cubes and put them in one of those little mesh food baggies for first foods that are attached on a plastic ring and let my guy work on that. It’s a little messy but also did it with small ice cubes too.
  • lunderthing Teething toys save us. We also use lavender diluted with FCO in a roller on her jawline. And we use Tylenol at night during our bedtime routine if it’s a bad day.
  • kalliegoldman @winknaturals teething gel has been the only thing other than Tylenol/Advil that we’ve really noticed a difference with. I didn’t use until my little guy was 18 months bc that’s when i found it but is marketed as safe for babies.
  • melg522 Amber necklaces! I’m so not into the woo woo stuff usually but I gave this a go with my first daughter and I’m not kidding you I think I only gave her Tylenol twice when she was cutting molars. They say the lighter the color (more yellow) and unpolished (foggy looking) works better. Helps with inflammation and drooling. I will SO be using one for our second little one
  • natw65 We’ve been using an Amber necklace, @winknaturals teething gel, super cold carrots 🤷‍♀️, camilia homeopathic drinkable units (its 1ml doses you just squeeze it into their mouth…it looks like water) and Tylenol sometimes when he’s inconsolable at bedtime.
  • jenschmelzle Frozen breastmilk popsicles!
  • angeladmatson Hylands teething tablets and teething toys you can freeze. With Nash we had to use Motrin and Tylenol from time to time because his would almost come in then go back down only to repeat a few days later… BRUTAL! Be patient, what works for one may not work for the other, it will be a bad on and off for the next year with teething, but it will pass! Good luck.
  • mckallfeulner Amber necklace!!
  • foreverhhy I need all the teething tips too!!! We just bought Baltic Amber necklaces and I SWEAR they are helping!!! + Infant Ibuprofen!!!
  • winknaturals Thanks for the tags everyone!
  • meglmccarty We had good luck with an amber necklace, essential oils, and bibs for drooling on and chewing on!
  • anniedoerksen Roman chamomile essential oil, or frankincense+lavender. The real stuff😉 meaning pure. (Doterra oils is the company I use.) You heavily dilute for littles of course and apply along jawline. Magic
  • haloshavendesign @foreverhhy I second the amber necklaces they for sure helped!!!
  • eddienano Tylenol, Motrin, Whiskey 🥃
  • thelucidgypsy Clove oil works really well for topical numbing for our babe
  • sarabethbennett We used infant Motrin. It made such a huge difference
  • jamietoriello Essential oils…copaiba and lavender
  • braaapp_soxiety46 BALTIC AMBER NECKLACES!
  • kambamwam Thank you for asking this!!!!!!!! XO. Yes!!!! I literally bought 10 toys this last few weeks… gearing up.
  • goumikids We loved gum-o-mile teething oil, we buy at our local new season, made with clove oil, saved us with all 3 babes! 💛💛
  • kambamwam @winknaturals HANDS DOWN!!!! Also that baby banana everyone is talking about. He already loves that thing!
  • cooljagdawn The Amber necklace has done wonders for my grand babies and my nephews children. It really is amazing.
  • _hippiedippiemama_ Amber teething necklace and #doterra #copaiba oil!! ✨✨✨
  • katesloan11 Teetha granules. A homeopathic UK product that flies off the shelves there. If you can get it on amazon, it will save your life!!! Two or three boxes should be plenty. They are pouches of powder that you pour into their mouths, like pop rocks…and work they insanely well. Never known a baby it did not work for. Good luck!
  • lornaljmiller There are these cool little mesh pacifier looking gizmos that have a little pocket that opens and you can put a small piece of food inside and click it closed. You can put a chunk of banana or something cold- strawberry, frozen grape…and they hold it and gnaw on it and get the flavor but won’t choke. Cold stuff feels good on their gums.
  • jessicaslh9 My son is a year old and only has his two bottom teeth still, and he’s still teething terribly. He gets pain relief from Motrin, frozen wash cloths and his toothbrush. He has the baby oragel Elmo toothbrush. He loves to chew on it and I’ve found that it really helps him. When his teeth barely sprouted through was the toughest time for him. He didn’t really want to eat so make sure they have liquids so they don’t get dehydrated. I kept my son nursing, he just wanted that comfort 🤱🏼
  • kshlenskyYL copaiba oil rubbed directly onto the gums!
  • renee.dittman @lornaljmiller exactly what I would recommend, my babies loved it!
  • bethany_r_hill@lornaljmiller exactly what I was going to say!! I did this with both of the girls and they lives for it!! Frozen bananas (peel before you freeze), pears… I think they are too young for strawberries still? Even ice cubes are great! Anything cold feels good to them.
  • jessica_m_white Wooden teething toys with a drop of copaiba!
  • lisabezzina My twins loved to gnaw on frozen waffles. They are 2 1/2 & still do!
  • boston_mommy Wine for mommy 😂 jk my babies have liked the teething mitt to chomp on , cold facecloth can help soothe their gums too
  • jenniferlscheer I was recently told about the Camilla drops (on Amazon) and they’ve been soooooo good for my daughter!!!!
  • mariap707 Pacifiers in the freezer. Also open pacifiers that you can put food/milk/juice inside of it. Put whatever you like inside and freeze it and let then chomp on that. That is the best so far
  • emilygrace918 Copaiba young living oil right on their gums & jawline…and that gentle baby roller on the bottom of their feet! 💘 miss those girlies!!!
  • amanda_thornton24 Breastfeeding always worked for us to get through those teething pains. I’m a stay at home mom so it’s easier for me to just whip them out when my kiddos needed it.
  • maddieinoz In Australia, different mums have recommended freezing a flannel or face cloth, making a milk Popsicle, and frozen fruit inside a mesh holder. Amber necklaces aren’t advised here due to choking or strangling hazard. One of our 4.5 month old twinnies just got three teeth yesterday! Our eldest didn’t get teeth until she was 15 months old.

Hope that helps! Thanks to all of you for your comments :). If anyone has anything they love that I’ve missed, please send it my way and I’ll add it in! We’ll get through this teething thing together, right?!