Salon Row Furniture / Design

Salon Row Furniture Design
If you haven’t already heard me talk about Salon Row, you can catch up by reading this post and this post! Every time I post from Salon Row, I get lots of questions about the furniture and decor, so I thought I’d throw it all in to one post for us all to refer to ;). Keep scrolling for photos of the space and links to each item you see! My personal favorite is the…
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Home Design | Legend Creek

Guys – we have something new and exciting coming to Palms to Pines!  We’re teaming up with my sister and her husband, Tahni and Blake (yes we have two Blakes in our family!) to bring you a little home design.  Blake and Tahni make a pretty awesome team building, remodeling, and designing homes, staging and decorating them, and then selling them through Blake’s real estate brokerage.  This year, they’re showcasing one of their homes in Salt…
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