What I’m Into This Week | 12.2.16

Jen Hawkins shoulder length hair style on Palms to Pines style blog
You guys, I got my hair done!  It’s ok if you didn’t notice ;).  It kind of felt like Christmas came early – I’d been wanting forever to get back in to Sal (Salcedo) for a cut, so it felt like a double win when I was able to book with him and his color partner Cherin (Choi).  They are both so amazing – I’ll have to see if they’ll agree to share some hair secrets on here…
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To Cut, or Not to Cut? Short vs Long Hair

Short vs long hair
I’ve had so many people ask me about my haircut – questions like: How did you decide to do it? How did you decide who to go to? Do you miss your hair? Are you glad you did it? (the question I get the most!) So, here are my thoughts on cutting my hair.  First of all, I’d had the same hair for like, literally 10 years. The color fluctuated a bit, but for the most…
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