Power Walking into the New Year with my Misfit

Jen Hawkins wearing Amari Active
So it’s the New Year, which means everyone is making resolutions.  I decided that this year, I’m all about making realistic resolutions that I can actually keep.  One of my agents/mentors suggested something to me that her models have seen amazing results with, and it sounds totally doable to me – it’s POWER-WALKING.  She challenged me to power-walk 5-6 miles per day, and I’m totally into it.  When I think about the times in my…
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Favorite Wearables | iFit Vue

I’m totally a numbers/data person – I love seeing results stated clearly in numerical form, because that’s so measurable and tangible.  So needless to say, I’ve become a little obsessed with tracking my steps/sleep/heart rate with the iFit Vue.   Northface Vest | White Long-Sleeved Shirt | Leggings | Shoes | Gold Rings | iFit Vue Aether Sweatshirt | Reign Storm Jogger Sweatpants | New Balance Shoes | iFit Vue There are so many wearables out there these…
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