You know you’re an adult when you own multiple pair of “house slippers”. Or maybe it’s more that I’m now a mom of infant twins who spends lots of time at home in comfy clothes. In all seriousness though, as the girls are started to scoot around on their bellies (and getting so close to crawling!) I can’t contain them on their play mat anymore. I keep watching them put their faces and mouths on the floor, and realizing how gross that actually is.

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Shoes in the House

I’ve always thought of not wearing shoes in the house as something people did when they had nice carpet or rugs and didn’t want them to get ruined. But now with the babies so close to the ground, I’m seeing it in a totally different way. Shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you think about all of the places you walk – on sidewalks with pet waste, gum, or worse on the ground, public restrooms, or through grass with lawn fertilizer or weed killer. Studies have found fecal matter, toxins, and E. coli on most shoes. (One study I read said 93% of the shoes tested had fecal bacteria on them!)

Germs are Real, Guys

Some of you may think I’m crazy, but guys – germs are real! I was raised by a big germaphobe (hi, Mom!) and it definitely wore off on me. And coming out of the NICU with high risk babies, I’m more sensitive to it than ever. I do agree to the point that some germs and bacteria are good to build up your immune system, but we are still being smart with our babies. A respiratory virus could land them (especially Piper) back in the hospital, or worse. Once the girls are a little bigger, and little stronger, and not spending lots of time (literally sucking) on the floor, I’ll go back to caring less.

Crawling Babies and Shoes in the House | Birdies House Slippers


I don’t think I’ll be able to get myself to ask people coming over to take off their shoes – that feels so annoying. I figure I can do some heavy cleaning after we have a BBQ or friends over, right? As for us, we’ll take our shoes off at the door, Mr. Roger’s style! Remember how he comes home and changes into his comfy house shoes? Maybe he was a germaphobe, too ;).

Here are some things you can/should do if you have a crawling baby:

  • Clean your floor often. (We have that ceramic tile that looks like hardwood, and I love using our Swiffer Wetjet for quick cleans)
  • Take off your shoes – try keeping a comfy pair of house slippers by the door! In the winter I like these, and in the summer I am loving these.
  • Try an anti-microbial doormat.
  • Wash your shoes regularly. (If they’re machine washable, I love these bags to wash in.)