New Valentine’s Day Gift Tradition

Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Ok, so Valentine’s Day has never been a huge deal in our relationship. I made a joke a couple of years ago about how no one (including Blake) has ever taken me out on Valentine’s Day, and that’s still true ;). But honestly, that’s ok with me! Especially now that we have the girls! We all know there’s a lot of hype/expectation around Valentine’s Day, and more often than not it’s easy to end up…
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Food Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Food | Food ideas for Babies and Toddlers
I’ve been hesitant to post about this for multiple reasons. One main reason is that I don’t feed my babies perfectly, and I don’t want you to think I pretend to! I have to admit there are days I’d be a little embarrassed if someone knew what my babies had eaten ;). Another reason is that it’s tough to open yourself up for criticism, and I know there’s a lot people could say about this…
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Our New Guest Room

Guest Room Vintage Beach Vibe | Boll and Branch
Like most of our friends living in Orange County, we live in a small house ;). It’s a track home built in the 60’s, and the bedrooms are pretty small. However, small house and all, we LOVE having guests stay. We’re actually in the process of re-doing our room, which meant we moved our old king-sized bed into the guest room. That triggered what Blake likes to call the domino effect, and of course the…
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Faux Fur Favorites, Manly Diaper Bags, & the Girls’ TV Show

The girls’ TV Show Ok, so if you didn’t catch it on my Instagram stories the other day, a bit information about the TV show the girls have been filming was finally released, including an IMDB page. And that IMDB page includes Romy and Piper! Seeing their names/photos on there is one of the cuter things I’ve seen! As for the show, it’s called Paradise City and is a spinoff of a movie that came…
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The Inevitable New Year’s Budgeting…Oy

New Year's Budget | Black Sweater Dress | Over the Knee Boots on Sale
I was on a group text with some girlfriends the other day and we started talking about budgeting in the New Year. We were all joking about it, but I realized that it’s not just Blake and I who have been sitting down to talk about finances. THAT was comforting amidst the stress of budgeting/planning for the New Year  – I meeeeean, that’s what girlfriends are for, am I right?! So I got to thinking…
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Nyman + Hawkins Christmas Card 2018

We did it! We got our Christmas cards ordered! I had such good intentions to take our photo the end of November, but we’ve been so busy (but really, who hasn’t!?) that I realized we were less than 10 days away from Christmas and I’d done nothing!! Thanks to our good friend Aaron of Wolf Camp Studios/Foxes and Wolves, we were able to take a last minute photo, edit it, design and order our cards…
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Emily Tingey Art + Simply Framed

We’ve had this piece up in our home for a while now, and we love it. I’ve had lots of questions about it when it shows up in videos that I post, and I was thinking that it might give someone a great idea for a Christmas gift so I wanted to share it here! EMILY TINGEY, THE ARTIST If there’s someone that you want to get something special for and are stumped on what…
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Battling a Baby Cold

One of my biggest fears since bringing the girls home from the hospital is that they’d get sick, particularly Piper. What could be a normal cold for someone else can be much more serious for her with her lung issues. Both girls are still at risk for RSV this year, but don’t qualify for the shot that would give them the antibodies to help them fight it. I’ve been a crazy person trying to keep…
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Molekule Air Purifier Review (getting rid of Mold!)

I heard about the Molekule Air Purifier from a friend who worked on the production side of a commercial project with the company. After working on the project with them, he was completely sold on Molekule and got one for himself. He also (obviously) told us about it, and I was really intrigued. Our Mold Problem Fast forward a few months, and we discovered we had a massive mold problem caused by our AC unit…
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The Best Cyber Monday Sales

I’m finally coming back to life over here – we are all feeling much better, and just in time to shop some killer Cyber Monday deals! I’ve listed some of my favorites below… Anthropologie – 30% off EVERYTHING plus free shipping! Great for buying little or big gifts. I love to give these candles (please tell me you’ve seen the Christmas candle video) and these monogram mugs are so cute – they remind me of…
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