Tried and True – Favorite Hair Care Products

5 Products I Love | Hair, Skin, Natural Deodorant
I’m SUCH a creature of habit, and SO loyal to the products I love. I’ve said this before, but as a result it takes a lot for me to add products in to my lineup. Bad for business as a blogger, but I like to think it’s good for my hair/skin ;). I LOVE my current regime for my hair and realized I’ve never fully shared it – so here it is!    Washing Shampoo –…
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Brushing Baby/Toddler Teeth

You GUYS – this stresses me out!! I’m posting about it in case you feel the same way. My babies got their first teeth SO early – I think their first bottom teeth poked through when they were only 4 months old, which for them adjusted is less that 2 months. How crazy is that? And after that they all came so fast, so that now at 18 months they have all but their two…
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The California Super Bloom with Romy and Piper

This last weekend, both my little brother and sister ended up in town visiting. She lives in D.C. and he goes to school at the University of Utah, so having them here together was so special for me. We joked about how different their visits are now than they used to be – I feel self conscious about the fact that we move a lot slower with the babies. But I also take pride in…
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Those Almost-Spring Sale Items

One reason I love this time of year is that I’m still wanting to wear winter clothes, we’re usually still visiting the mountains/snow, but all of the winter stuff has already gone on sale! Getting a few pieces you love (on sale) that you’ll also want to use next year is a really good way to chase away those winter blues ;). My whole outfit below is on sale big time! Striped Turtle-neck Sweater (75% off)…
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Our Favorite High Chairs from Micuna

This is one of my most asked about pieces of baby gear, so I’m finally throwing up a post about it! Even before the babies were born I picked out these high chairs – the Ovo from Micuna – because they’re just so beautiful. Even the packaging they show up in is chic ;). I’ve had a lot of questions from people concerned about the smaller, round tray that the high chair comes with. Honestly,…
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What I’m Into This Week

Colorblock Sweater Free People | High Rise Denim Midi Skirt | White Sneakers
Sweater on Sale I know I’ve been raving about our exclusive sweater sale with Knot Sisters this week, but there’s another sweater I love (and recently posted) that a friend just found on sale for me! This Free People sweater is regularly $168, but you can now get it here for $99…that’s more than 40% off!! Colorblock Sweater | High-Rise Denim Midi Skirt | White Sneakers | Sunglasses A New Podcast Close to my Heart One of my best friends, Corrine…
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Exclusive Sweater Sale @ Knot Sisters

Knot Sisters Sweater Sale
I love Knot Sisters in general, but I first fell in love with them for their sweaters. They’re so cute and quality – mine last forever and I keep buying more, so I’ve got a good collection going ;). Knot Sisters created a special code for us last weekend to get as extra 40% off all sale sweaters, and they’ve just extended the code for us to last through the end of this week!! I…
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Romy + Piper’s First Ski Day

Romy and PIper Skiing | Roxy Baby Snow Suit
We’ve been dying to get to the mountains with Romy and Piper this winter, and we finally made it. Blake’s been joking about how he wanted to ski with the girls – one in front and one on his back – and he got to make it happen! Saturday we took them up to Sundance Resort (if you’ve been a reader for a while you know this is one of our very favorite places –…
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Rylee + Cru SS19 | The Latest from my Favorite

Rylee and Cru | SS19
When someone asks me where I get my favorite baby clothes from, I immediately say Rylee + Cru. Literally everything is so good, and I genuinely look forward to seeing each new season come out. Today is the day that Spring/Summer ’19 is available. This time, I was lucky enough to see the season a little early because the girls and I got to shoot with Rylee + Cru. I’ve seen it all and I’m…
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There’s a Delivery Service for That

Favorite Grocery and Diaper Delivery Services
When we found out we were having twins, I immediately went to work planning. I wanted to be ready, and have systems in place when they came that would make life as easy as possible. Blake helped a lot with this, and we’ve had a few conversations lately where we pat ourselves on the back for the things we’ve done well in this area. One thing that’s been a HUGE help is organizing deliveries of…
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