You do You | Helipcopter Ride with @IFLYHELI

This past Friday morning, Blake and I had the most amazing experience. We were given the chance to ride in a helicopter with our friend York, and Blake’s big brother Steven came along as well. Some of you might be like, “What’s the big deal? I’ve been in a helicopter sooo many times,” and some of you might be like, “Are you crazy, you have two babies and that is super dangerous and selfish!” Let…
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Luau First Birthday Party for Romy and Piper

We planned a trip to visit our family in Utah, and when my sister (Tahni) realized it was close to their first birthday she insisted on throwing them a party. She is THE best host, so good at parties, and always makes it look easy. She threw this party together so fast for the girls and it turned out amazing. We got to see old friends, Blake’s family that lives in Utah, and were so…
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Qalo Teething Necklaces | Here and Now

Qalo Teether | Palms to PInes NICU Story | Romy and Piper
We were so excited to be a part of this project with Qalo and our friends at Samson (video) and Foxes and Wolves (photo), and now I’m excited to share it all with you. Qalo just launched their Family Collection, featuring silicone teething necklaces and hand-made baby blankets. Romy and Piper have been teething like crazy and they love playing with (and chewing on) the necklaces. They actually saved us on our last flight with the girls…
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Family Photos at Home

Melissa Gayle Photography | Palms to Pines | Romy and Piper Twin Girl Nursery
Recently we had family photos done at home by photographer Melissa Gayle. She just sent the final images and I love them so much, so of course I’m sharing them on here. Lately I’ve been so emotional about the girls – maybe because they turn one next month? So having these photos means so much to me! I feel like Melissa captured so much of the girls personalities in these photos, and what our time…
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Favorite One-Pieces for the End of Summer

I seriously can’t believe summer is almost over! Since it’s my first summer after having the babies (and due to that fun weight I gained this month after I stopped breastfeeding) I’ve found myself wearing one-pieces more than ever before. I feel better in them, and they’re easier to keep on while wrangling the babies. There are so many good ones out there right now – here are some of my favorites… White Striped One…
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Breastfeeding, Twins, and the NICU

Breastfeeding Twins in the NICU
I’ve been promising a post about breastfeeding for a while now, so I’m finally attempting it. On one hand I want to answer the questions you’ve had, but on the other hand I hesitate to share because I feel like it’s pretty personal, and I think there’s also a part of me that wants to avoid any judgement. But as usual, I do want to share in case there’s anyone who can relate or if…
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | All Black Outfit
When the sale started, I literally did a search of each category with the color filter “black.” Blake made fun of me, but then I thought there might be some of you who equally love a good all black outfit, so I’m sharing my findings on here ;). These items are all still available/in stock as of this morning, and today is the LAST DAY of the sale!   Black Tee | Black Skinny Jeans w/…
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Baby Items Worth the Splurge

Choosing a Bassinet | Happiest Baby | SNOO
We all know that there is a lot of STUFF involved in having a baby. I did a LOT of research while I was pregnant on what stuff I wanted to invest in. Since I was having twins and knew we wouldn’t have help, I really wanted to find the things that were going to make life easier. We have used a few big-ticket items that are definitely not cheap, and people ask me all…
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CHOC Children’s Foundation | Event with Romy and Piper

CHOC CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION EVENT Last month, I was asked to speak at a fund raising event for CHOC. At first, when I was asked to speak, the things I would need to share felt deeply personal and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. But I knew that I wanted to try, because I am so grateful for the start our girls were given. Blake and I knew from the beginning of…
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Best Sweaters Under $50
There are always a few sweaters at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that are a crazy good deal and so cute that they inevitably sell out. I rounded up my favorite sweaters under $50 – don’t wait on these because they go fast!! If you’re a card holder, this is your last chance to buy before the sale goes public! And if you’re not, the sale goes public tonight at midnight so be ready ;). Colorblock Sweater…
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