Quarantine Schedule: Working from Home with Toddlers

We are on our third week of quarantine over here, and definitely on the roller coaster that comes with that. Some days it feels heavy and overwhelming, and some days I am able to be more positive and enjoy the simple moments with my little girls. Truly I am grateful to have twins right now – I’m so grateful they have each other in this weird time where they can’t see or play with other…
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Easy Skincare in Quarantine

I am fully aware that this is an annoying thing to start a blog post with, but….I genuinely do get SO many questions about skincare and I rarely share products. I’m so hesitant to do it because I feel like everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. Also, I rarely change products/routine because I’m extremely skeptical – especially of what I feel like someone is just trying to…
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Things to do with a Toddler on a Rainy Day

what to do at home with a toddler
With so much rain in the forecast and impending lock down on the horizon, it looks like we will be spending a LOT of time at home and indoors in the coming weeks! Call it a rainy day, a quarantine, or social distancing, but I know I’m not alone in that I’ll be home a lot with two toddlers that need to be entertained! So here are some things we are doing to stay busy:…
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Eating Out with Toddlers

Tips for Eating out with Toddlers
I’m trying to post more about the things people are asking about, and I get so many questions about how I’m able to eat out so often with toddlers! I’m cracking up because I didn’t really think this was something I needed to post about, but I looked for other posts on the subject and HATED some of the advice. I read things like “Don’t worry if your kids are loud, they’re kids,” “Go to…
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Dressing for Snow | Proper Layering (Updated!)

Dressing for the Snow or Cold
I’ve been getting so many questions about my ski clothes since this last trip, including questions about base layers, boots, socks, if I’m cold, etc., that I decided to dig up an old (but popular) post that I wrote 3 years ago about dressing for snow/cold. My plan was to re-vamp it, but as I was reading through it I realized that not only would I write the post the exact same way, but I…
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Flying with Twin Toddlers (or multiple small children)

Traveling with Twin Toddlers
I wrote a blog post when the girls took their very first flight about traveling with babies/twins, but my girls have definitely grown out of it at this point. So I decided it’s time to update! This last week I flew with for the first time by myself, and it was also their first time having their own tickets/seats. Although paying for two more tickets is NOT fun, them having their own seats/space was SO…
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Valentine’s Ideas (For “Him” and “Them” ;)

The girls are weirdly into hearts lately, especially the sound your heart makes (they love to hit their chest and go “bom BOM, bom BOM”), so Valentine’s Day is coming at a great time! One night last week, I decided to take them to Target to pick out some Valentine’s decor (we have none!), some Valentines cards for them to take to school next week, and maybe sneak a few little gifts for them for…
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Easy Videos to Sleep Train Babies & Toddlers

I still get an insane amount of questions about sleep schedules and sleep training, both for toddlers and babies. It’s completely understandable because sleep is SO important, both for a baby’s development and for a parents’ quality of life! Another reason I know I get asked about it a lot is because my girls have slept SO well in general, and I do not believe that’s a coincidence! We’ve worked hard up until now to…
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Girls’ Trip at The Scott Resort

I think January is a good month for making plans – it’s typically a quieter month for me as far as travel/events go, so it’s a good time to asses the year to come and see where there’s room to plan/book things. In the spirit of that, I wanted to post about The Scott because I’ve had so many questions about it. After speaking with them, they were kind enough to give us a code…
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Christmas Pajamas

So I got Christmas jammies for the girls (and Blake) a long time ago – it’s tradition in my family to open pajamas on Christmas Eve. But today I realized no one was getting ME pajamas! So I decided to order some for myself ;). Scroll down to see what I ordered – I’m putting a bunch of favorites you can still get in time for Christmas Eve, and at the very bottom I’ll show…
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