Alright, so since you can start shopping tomorrow (if you have early access) I wanted to give you some helpful info along with a few tips to help you navigate the sale.  Here they are!

Nordstrom Sale Early Access | Palms to Pines

  • First things first: sign up for a Nordstrom card.  THIS is how you get early access.  I have the debit card, which just connects to your bank account and withdraws just like your regular debit card.  I prefer this to the credit card, BUT if you’re a person who likes to go the credit route there’s that option as well!  The BEST part about having a Nordstrom card (besides getting early access to the sale) are the rewards that come with it.  Click here to apply for either card and get more info!

Nordstrom Cards Early Access | Palms to Pines

Apply for a Nordstrom card to get early access

  • Below is a little timeline to help you keep track of important dates.  I will be posting a calendar with more specific in-store events soon!
    Nordstrom Sale Important Dates | Palms to Pines

July 14-21, Early Access (Nordstrom credit and debit card holders get to shop the sale a week early.)

July 22-August 7, Public Access

  •  Download the Nordstrom App.  The sale catalog is already on there, and you can browse and shop items straight from it in the app!  You can also see what’s in stock at your Nordstrom store, view your rewards and notes, get notifications about your orders, get style inspiration and recommendations, and more!  Click here to download the app for free and get started!Nordstrom App | Palms to Pines
  • Shop Online & Pickup In-Store.  This is my favorite way to shop Nordstrom these days!  And you know what my new favorite this to do it?!  CURB-SIDE PICK-UP!  It’s a real thing, guys!  You’ll have to check if it’s available at your specific store (I utilize it at my closest store which is the South Coast Plaza location).  You just order online, then head to the store.  Call when you’re ten minutes away and they will BRING IT OUT TO YOUR CAR!  Crazy, I know!  This is especially great if you’re in a hurry OR have kids in the car (or in my case Lo ;)) that you don’t want to drag inside!
  • Free Shipping and Free Returns.  If you don’t have time to go in-store (or just like to avoid the madness like me!) but are worried about trying things on, don’t worry!  You’ll always have free shipping and free returns, so you can order what you want, try it on at home, and then return what doesn’t work.  So when in doubt, BUY at home because things DO run out!
  • Use a Triple Points Day on the day you are going to spend the most!  You get to choose which day you want to earn triple points, so make sure you do that on your biggest purchasing day to stock up on your Nordstrom notes!
  • Keep tabs on your favorite brands.  I like to use the Nordstrom Sale as an opportunity to shop my favorite brands, especially the ones that are otherwise out of my normal price range ;).  So many brands are part of the sale, so make sure you search for your favorites!  Here are some of the most popular:Top Brands in the Nordstrom Sale | Palms to Pines
  • If you don’t already, make sure you follow @Nordstrom and @JenKHawkins (that’s me!) on Instagram for sale favorites and tips!  And make sure you keep tabs on the #NSALE hashtag, because there will be lots of other bloggers like me posting their favorites!

Ok you guys, that’s it for now!  MAKE SURE you stay tuned for my Nordstrom Sale Posts here!  I’ll be talking my favorites, collaborating with some inside sources, calendaring events for you, hosting giveaway a few giveaways, and breaking it all down by categories to help you navigate.

Stick with me and we’ll enjoy the holidays – AKA the SALE – together! 😉