Ok, so Valentine’s Day has never been a huge deal in our relationship. I made a joke a couple of years ago about how no one (including Blake) has ever taken me out on Valentine’s Day, and that’s still true ;). But honestly, that’s ok with me! Especially now that we have the girls!

We all know there’s a lot of hype/expectation around Valentine’s Day, and more often than not it’s easy to end up disappointed. Gifts are also tough – I never know if Blake’s going to get me something, or how big of a gift I should get him. With Christmas in December, Blake’s birthday in January, and my birthday the 11th of February, by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around we are out of gift ideas and kind of exhausted in general!

Our New Valentine’s Day Gift Tradition…

SO, all of that to say that this year I asked Blake if we could start a new tradition! If you know me, you know that I LOVE concerts. I asked Blake if from now on, every year on Valentine’s Day we surprise each other with tickets to a concert that we think the other would love. This way, we will have a future “date” night set to look forward to! Plus it’s perfect timing, because this is when a lot of the tickets for summer concerts go on sale!

It’s also a good last minute idea for you if you haven’t gotten anything for your significant other yet! And if you don’t have someone to get a Valentine’s gift for, treat yourself to some tickets with a girlfriend!!!

My favorite ways to find tickets are by searching lineups at your favorite venues close to you or by going to websites/tour dates of your favorite artists. Let me know what you find!!

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Sweater (on sale for 50% off)| Jeans (on sale for 50% off)| Sneakers

I had planned to post this sweater and tell you to get it for Valentine’s day, but I didn’t get it up in time. So now I’m just going to tell you that you should get it anyways, because it’s on sale bigtime and I literally get compliments/questions every time I wear it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!