Throughout the year my brother Steven and I are always trying to plan trips. Most of the time, they have a hard time happening because we’re either imagining something super unrealistic or work/time/life have another agenda. However, when plans do come together, we both get pretty excited and I usually find myself in over my head on some adventure. That’s what makes for a memorable time, right??

This past Sunday was a good example of the above scenario. Steven, Jen, myself and Hoeve (CO friend and fellow adventure enthusiast) motored down to San Diego for the day to spend some time on Hoeve’s sailboat and in the water surfing the forecasted swell. In my mind, when we talked about surfing, I was assuming the traditional style, but Steven and Hoeve are both avid paddleboarders and were on a different page than me. After seeing the break they had in mind, how far out it was and the size of the waves, I was cornered into hopping on a paddleboard too.

I made it into one shot with the crew, but other than that, I was definitely playing the little brother role and trying to keep up as best as possible. Steven and Hoeve were able to spin a few laps together and get some good shots though.

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And it’s always a reward to get back to the shore with this girl!

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After our day in the water we were lucky to make it to a great BBQ with our friends Rachel and Jeremy, and witness this amazing sunset from their place!



Steven is in town for the next 10 days, so the adventures will continue. Just need some time to let my body recover from the beating. Stay tuned for Namaslay 2.0!