As you probably know cause I wouldn’t shut up about it, the girls just had their 2nd birthday! I always struggle/procrastinate with what to get as gifts when we get invited to kid parties, so I’m leaving a list here of my personal favorite gift ideas for a two year old. Hope this helps you out for any two-year-old gifts you need for birthdays or the holiday season ;).

Over $100

If you can spend a bit more (like, it’s your own first-born child) or if you want to go in on a gift with others, our girls are LOVING these…

Modern Playhouse. Our parents went in on this house for the girls. Assembly definitely required, but I felt pretty good about myself afterwards! A re-model is in the works, so stay tuned for that…;)

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Bounce House. We bought this bounce house for the girls with the intent of using it as an activity for the party. They have bounced on it so much I basically consider it a babysitter, so it paid for itself within a few days ;).

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Balance Bikes. This was our big gift to the girls for their birthday. They are still a TINY bit too short, but I’ve heard amazing things about these bikes and I’m glad we have them ready for as soon as the girls are big enough. Also, they are SO CUTE and CLASSIC. Like, I hope we can save them for when the girls have kids – they’re that cute.

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Under $100

Toddler 4-Wheeler. My genius sister got these for the girls. They are obsessed – they call them their “pink monster trucks”. They are still figuring out how to steer, but they’ve got the forward/reverse down!

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Classic Tricycle. Our girls actually don’t have this, but our friends do and they LOVE riding it when we go to their house. It’s the perfect size for them to start figuring out the pedals and practice steering.

Best Gifts for Toddlers

Under $50

Scooters. These might win for the girls’ favorite gift! They’d been obsessed with scooters and skateboards but hadn’t been able to actually do any of the ones we had. Everyone kept recommending a certain brand but they were so expensive! Our friends found these for the girls and they are PERFECT. They CRUISE on these now – I love it!

Bubble Machine. We’ve been through a few janky bubble machines, but I’d heard this one is LEGIT. Luckily our friends ended up getting it for the girls! They were smart enough to get extra batteries and bubble solution which has been CLUTCH because the girls want bubbles NONSTOP.

Hippity Hop Toys. Last year for their birthday a friend gave them this bouncy horse, and it’s been a huge hit. This year, my friend brought them this dinosaur and this unicorn, and they are so good. Super sturdy and super cute – I highly recommend!!

Buckle Toys. My friend (who is also a mom of toddlers!) got them these buckle toys – a penguin and a turtle. The girls are weirdly into bucklers right now – like, have to buckle everything themselves – car seats, high chairs, helmet straps, everything. So these toys are genius and provide lots of entertainment!

Sit and Spin. When I posted this on my stories, I honestly couldn’t believe how many people had never seen it! They’ve been around forever, but they’re still just as fun ;). Someone actually got the girls the single and then another friend got the double (yeah they make a freaking double!), and I’m so glad we have both for whatever mood the girls are in ;).

Books. Books are always a good idea! My girls are so into books, and I think most toddlers are. If they’re not, they should be so get them books anyways! Ha! Check this post for some favorites!

Experiences. I love this idea, because toys pile up so quickly. Last year, a friend got the girls tickets to the San Diego Zoo. This year, another friend gave them passes to the aquarium. Such a good idea and the girls LOVE that stuff!