There’s an interesting conversation going on in the blogger/influencer community. Many people are blaming these influencers for fueling a social media epidemic that is undermining our self worth. I wanted to speak up against what I feel is a misguided narrative toward hard working women and men in the blogging industry.
There is some truth to the dialogue people are having about the negative influence social media has on our society. People imply these bloggers basically make others feel bad about themselves by bragging about their stuff, creating a false sense of reality and fueling a social media epidemic that’s undermining happiness. I don’t disagree there is truth in that. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There’s another side to this. The side where these self-made, hardworking, entrepreneurial, daring, smart, creative influencers have built a career for themselves. They’re good people who positively influence, guide, inspire and empower others. They earn a living and support their families by sharing their stories, insights, progress, discoveries, recommendations, advice and offer real value. They’re sharing real stories, having real conversations, showing real progress, investing real time and money into creating opportunities for themselves. All those things are very real.
I’m married to a blogger/influencer. My wife’s hard work has done and provided amazing things for our family. It started small, but her longterm dedication to building something for herself has continued to provide more and more opportunities, resources and income for our family. For example, thanks to her efforts on her blog/Instagram, our newborn twins have received helpful tools, resources and baby goods that will help them develop, learn and experience things they wouldn’t have otherwise received. Thanks to her voice on her blog/Instagram, she bravely shared stories that have helped guide other families through situations similar to ours or given women encouragement when needed.
Because of those efforts and her voice, she has helped introduce useful products, practical supplies, empowering clothing, helpful information, comforting advice…the list goes on. Her experience with those things has helped guide others in hopes they can benefit from her first hand experience.
The bloggers and influencers I know aren’t crabs in a bucket pulling each other down or trying to outbid one another to push a fake product. They have valuable opinions, insights, and contributions. And when they learn how to leverage and properly manage that value, they create real opportunities for themselves and helpful information for others. They create income that their family relies on. They create flexible careers where they can be a mother and a business owner at the same time. They create a life that is far different than the status quo and hopefully inspires others to push themselves in similar ways.
I’m not writing this because I think this community conversation is bad for business. I’m writing this to defend my wife and all the other bloggers/influencers out there that are bummed by these type of words and feel they misrepresent their hard work to create something positive for themselves and others.
Isn’t it ironic how people use social media to talk about how you shouldn’t use social media. Why is it the influencers responsibility to make sure everyone else has self worth before scrolling through Instagram?
There is a problem that social media has created, especially with younger generations. We live in a fast pace world where it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay grounded. It can undermine your self worth if you’re not careful. Yes, the statistics are scary, but this is not a new phenomenon and has existed for years. Media has always affected people’s self worth. Film, television, advertising, magazines, etc., have impacted it for years. But before it was “social”, media was given to us without our input. Now we have control over an aspect of the media. We have the ability to curate what we see and don’t see.
Some recommendations for this whole social media epidemic have been to follow inspirational accounts and unfollow anything draining. I agree. So rather than pointing the finger at all bloggers and accuse them of being draining, let’s elevate the ones that are inspirational and do provide real value. If you’re a blogger questioning where you land with all of this, if you feel you have something positive you can contribute, then go for it. There’s no shame in it.
To everyone having a hard time with social media, if it’s effecting you in a negative way, find a healthier way to include it in your life. If it means not participating at all, then do that. Or find the inspiration in other peoples stories and use that as fuel to create your own story.
– Blake, an Instagram Husband