We are finally getting settled in to our new place, so I decided it was time to have a girls’ night.  My brow-genius friend Sarajane offers brow parties (so genius!) where you can actually invite some of your best friends over, and everyone can get their brows done together!Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines


Of course, everyone got their brows done – threaded and spot filling/shaping with Sarajane’s extensions.  Because I love her brow work so much, I decided to make it a party by gathering some of my very favorite California goods for the girls coming.Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

My first thought was sunglasses from Sunskis – if you haven’t noticed I’m wearing them in most of my pictures, and they are SO great.  So light and comfortable to wear, polarized, and such an affordable price that you feel ok about wearing them to the beach and to be active.  My favorite design is the Dipseas, pictured below.  (Between the two of us, I think Blake and I own about every color in that design!)  imageBrows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

Amuse Society is a brand that I have come to really love in the year that it’s launched – if not for their on-trend, affordable clothes than for the amazing women behind the brand. I was super proud to have their totes and tees to give the girls!Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

Drybar is one of my favorite “girls day” things to do, so since we weren’t going to actually get blowouts, I wanted to bring a little Drybar to the girls.  I’m obsessed with their products, and this Sparkling Soda Shine Spray happens to be one of my favorites.  Seriously, if you live in  Southern California and are ever trying to plan a girls’ night out, do Drybar!  (See my last post on Drybar here.)Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

Because I’ve been so into succulents lately (as most girls are!) I found these cute mugs on clearance at Urban Outfitters and picked some of my favorite succulents to fill them with and give to the girls.Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines


It really is perfect, because while each girl got their brows done, the rest of us sat around and relaxed, ate, and caught up.  In deciding what food to have for the girls, I knew I wanted something healthy and something sweet, so I picked two of my local favorites – Sidecar Doughnuts and Pressed Juicery.Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

If you haven’t been to Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa, you need to go.  It’s out of this world.  The flavors along will blow your mind, and it all just melts in your mouth.  Sidecar is located on 17th street in Costa Mesa, and you can check out their menu here.  (If you’re going for the first time, I recommend getting their classic butter and salt flavor along with a seasonal flavor- right now I’m obsessed with the Pumpkin and the Butterscotch Pot de Creme.)  If you’re not local and you visit Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, this is MUST VISIT for your California bucket list ;).Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

Pressed Juicery has been a regular stop for us lately because of their juice Freezes.  Best healthy dessert alternative we have ever come across!!  You’ll see what I mean when you try it.  We also love their juices – so many good flavors.Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

To balance out the sweet, I threw together a huge salad.  It’s actually a recipe from my wedding rehearsal dinner which I posted about here.  It’s super easy, and a crowd favorite.  I added chicken this time to give everyone a little protein, and it was super filling!Brows by Sarajane | Palms to PinesBrows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

Of course, as usually happens when we are having too much fun, I forgot to get a pictures of the actual party and people!  But just know that it was a great group of talent ladies, whom I love!Brows by Sarajane | Palms to Pines

All in all, it was a great night, and everyone left with perfect brows :).  Thanks so much to Sarajane for making that possible, and to everyone who came!  And thanks to all of the brands who made the night that much more fun, and gave us all something to take home and remember it!



**To learn more about Sarajane’s brows, see this post or check out her Instagram, @browsbysarajane.  To book and appointment with her in either Utah or Southern California, email her at sarajanewarner@gmail.com.