This super flattering and SUPER comfortable jumpsuit has been on repeat, and I get compliments every time I wear it! I want it in ten more colors/prints ;). I’ll link it below for you, along with something new I want to try on here!

Knot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to Pines

Navy Floral Print Jumpsuit | White Sneakers (or on sale here in a few sizes!) | Sunglasses

Knot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to Pines Knot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to PinesKnot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to Pines

 Navy Floral Print Jumpsuit | White Sneakers (or on sale here in a few sizes!) | Sunglasses

I get a lot of questions on Instagram, usually in response to stories I post. I feel like I never have time to answer them individually, but I thought it might be a good idea to start answering the ones I get asked most frequently in a weekly post. So here goes…!!!

On Feeding the Girls for the First Time

Where can I get the chairs the girls were eating in?

I love the little chairs we put the girls in for their first bites! They are super lightweight and easy to travel with, but feel super sturdy and comfortable for the girls. They’ll hook on to almost any table or counter, and you can find them here in 9 different colors.Palms to Pines | JenKHawkins

Did you puree the avocado yourself?

Yes! Some friends got me this baby food cooker/blender and I used it for the first time! I pureed avocado with some breast milk into a super smooth consistency. It was way easier than I thought, and got me excited to prep more foods for them as they try more!Palms to Pines | JenKHawkins

Palms to Pines | JenKHawkinsPalms to Pines | JenKHawkins

Have you heard of Baby Led Feeding/Weaning?

A lot of you asked this, and yes I have! I ordered this book to research it more, and I love the concept! The girls are being monitored in feeding therapy because of their history in the hospital as fragile feeders, so I’m trying to find a balance between what they’re asking me to do in feeding therapy, what my pediatrician says, and what my heart tells me from my own research. These decisions are never easy, but I am grateful for all the research out there that has gone into it! I’ll keep you all posted on the methods and foods we settle on.

The Paleo Cauliflower Soup I Made

Can you post the recipe for the soup you made?

Yes! It was just an easy one I found online here, and then I added little chunks of paleo bacon that I cooked quickly on the stove.

What is the tool you were using to blend the soup?

My favorite way to make soup these days is to use this immersion blender and do it right in the pot on the stove. It’s so much easier than transferring it to a blender and back to the pot!

On the Babies’ Sleep

What sound machine do you recommend?

I linked my favorite sound machine in this post, along with some other things that have really helped the girls sleep better in their room.

Can you post the Instagram Live with Melissa (from Sleep Shop) to your highlights?

Ugh, no but I wish I could! I actually didn’t save it, but even if I did I’m pretty sure that you can’t post Instagram Live videos to your highlights. I’m sorry if you missed it, but we will try to do another soon! And you can always contact Melissa here.

Our Quick Trip to the Beach

Where did you get that tent for the babies?

Blake’s brother and his partner actually bought it for us, and we love it! It’s a good spot to protect the babies from the wind/sun and let them nap if they want to. They can actually still both fit in it, and it’s SO lightweight and small to carry around. You can buy the exact one here.

Palms to Pines | JenKHawkins

Where did you get your shorts?

They are BDG brand from Urban Outfitters, but I got them last year and can’t find the exact same pair anymore! This pair looks super similar, and if you want something a bit longer I also love these.

Palms to Pines | JenKHawkinsWhat sunscreen do you use on the babies?

Gah, this is another hard one – I actually haven’t put sunscreen on the yet! So far, I’ve just kept them in the shade. There are so many thoughts/opinions out there on sunscreen, so I’d love to hear your advice if you have any!

A Funny One

Also, somebody from another country (not sure where) wanted to know why Americans make their kids eat naked! They said the babies would get cold, we surely must have a washing machine, and imagine if somebody made you eat naked. To this concerned person I say: I live in Southern California where it’s usually very warm, it’s easier and more environmentally conscious to not dirty more laundry, and the girls were about to take a bath anyways ;).

Hope that helps!!



Knot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to Pines

Navy Floral Print Jumpsuit | White Sneakers (or on sale here in a few sizes!) | Sunglasses