This rainy day is motivating me to post about another stop on our Europe road trip that I haven’t talked about yet: Hallstatt, Austria.  Hallstatt is one of the places that you see a photo of (probably on Pinterest) and think, “I have to go there someday.”  I know this because that’s exactly what happened to me ;).  Hallstatt is said to have the most beautiful lake in the world, and the village is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s also said to be the most photographed village in Europe, so considering we love lakes and taking pictures, we had to check it out.

Where We Stayed

Heritage Hotel Hallstatt.  You can’t ask for a better location in Hallstatt!  It’s right by the Market Square, and your next door neighbor is the iconic Church of Christ.  Our room was one of the most spacious we’ve seen in Europe, with a perfect little patio and view of the lake.  I definitely want to come back and stay here in the summer time!

The staff was very accommodating and friendly on our arrival.  We arrived before regular check in and our room wasn’t quite ready, so they gave us a map of the town and told us where we should go.

Check out Heritage Hotel Hallstatt here for more info, and follow them here!

What to Do

There’s a lot to do in Hallstatt, but be aware that in the winter time many things close!  Check before you go.  You might just be in for some quiet relaxing time in a peaceful, beautiful place – which was just fine with us!  If things are open, here’s what you should do:

  • Take that photo!  You know, the photo that made me want to go to Hallstatt ;).  It’s just a short walk from the center of the village – you can’t miss it!
  • Ride the ferry across the lake.
  • Salt Mines (the oldest in the world!)
  • Kalvarianberg Church
  • Market Square
  • Museum Hallstatt
  • The Charnel House in Michael’s Chapel (if you’re into skulls, there are 1200 here!)
  • Dachstein Skywalk
  • Hallstatt Church of Christ

Tip: Cars are not allowed in Hallstatt, so be prepared to park your car in a public parking lot as you enter town and take the shuttle in!