I am fully aware that this is an annoying thing to start a blog post with, but….I genuinely do get SO many questions about skincare and I rarely share products. I’m so hesitant to do it because I feel like everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. Also, I rarely change products/routine because I’m extremely skeptical – especially of what I feel like someone is just trying to sell me online. And yes, I’m aware of the irony of me saying that to you in a blog post that I’m about to tell you to click any buy something ;).

The reasons I’m posting about this skincare regime today are because I truly love it, I feel like it’s easy to determine what you need to work on and therefore what to buy, and I think now while we are all stuck at home is the best time to do it. We can’t get outside esthetic treatments right now, so what we do at home for our skin matters more than ever!

After pregnancy, I had horrible hyperpigmentation. I couldn’t afford extensive treatments, so my esthetician, Sam (she lives in another state, which is another reason I needed something to do at home!), recommended I invest in a kit from Vivier. I was pretty desperate and I trust Sam, so I went for it and bought their Hyperpigmentation Program. I did the kit for 12 weeks, and actually still had some product left at the end. I really wish I had a good before/after picture of my results because it helped SO much with my pigment/melasma!!!

This week, I’m starting their Anti-Aging Program and I’m SO excited about it. I’ve already tried/loved a few of the products that come in the kit, so I’m excited to use them all at once so that they can all work together. Vivier has a philosophy of “prepare, target, moisturize, protect,” and the program sets you up perfectly for that. My favorite part is that it only takes a few minutes – I keep everything set out on my sink (it helps that the branding/package is so pretty).

***Before you look at the price on this program, I have to tell you – I am NOT a person that feels comfortable spending much on products and services. I know this kit is not cheap, but if you consider that it will be the only money you’ll spend on your skincare for 12 weeks (you won’t be doing other services or using any other products during that time) and you’ll see clear results, I think it’s worth it. I also love knowing that I’m using products that are working together/enhancing on another – not spending money on things that might be counter intuitive.

It comes with a card that has a little table telling you exactly what to use morning and/or night, the order to use them, and how to apply. I’ll leave that on my mirror for the first week or so until I have it memorized – so easy!

If you’re not ready to commit to a program, there are a couple products I’ve loved (and seen a big difference just using on their own) that you could try! It would be super easy to add a vitamin C serum in to your current routine – I just made it through my first bottle of the C E Peptides serum and my skin felt so much firmer and brighter which I was using it! It seemed pricey at first but it lasted so long and made the biggest difference. If you’re not currently using a retinol, their Retinol 1% Night Complex is great, and I also really love their sunscreen (I put it one over my moisturize and before my foundation every day!)

Keep scrolling for more of my favorite Vivier products. And if you’re not into the program, I’ll do another post soon on my skincare routine when I’m not on something so specific!