I keep getting questions about our stroller (we have the Bugaboo Donkey² ), both on the blog and in person. So I’m answering them once and for all on here!

Twin Stroller and Car seats | Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 | Bugaboo Donkey2Q: Does it fit through doorways? (The question I get the very most!)

A: YES! I have yet to find a doorway that I can’t fit through, which I was really surprised by since it’s a side-by-side.

Q: How does it fit in your trunk?

A. I drive a smaller car right now – a Nissan Altima – and although it is a bigger stroller it fits in my trunk just fine!

Q: What kind of car seat did you buy to go with it?

A: We went with the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 in Devoted Black – more info in this post.

Twin Stroller and Car seats | Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 | Bugaboo Donkey2

Bugaboo Donkey² | Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seats | Striped Top | Jeans | White Sneakers | SunglassesDiaper Bag 


Q: Will it grow with your family?

A: YES! It’s very easy to change configurations or seats – we will be able to use this stroller until the girls are too old for strollers in general.

And finally, one question I get a lot is what Blake thinks of the stroller. Guys, I love how much he loves it! I asked him to write his opinion for me, so here it is:

Twin Stroller and Car seats | Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 | Bugaboo Donkey2I didn’t think I’d find myself ever talking about stroller pride. Strollers were something that I didn’t give any thought to, but thanks to Bugaboo I’m now a stroller snob. I have so much pride in our stroller, and here are a couple reasons why: 

1 – It’s so damn smooth! Every day I take this thing for a ride, I love how easy it handles and how smooth the ride is. For example, one day we used a random stroller from another brand and the wheels literally got stuck and stopped in a mellow crack in the sidewalk. The stroller tipped forward from the front wheels stopping and it felt like the girls were gonna fall out! Thankfully we were only startled and nothing bad happened (*always strap your babies in!), but it definitely made me not want to use that stroller again. That same crack is hardly noticeable when we’ve walked over it with the Bugaboo.
I know the girls are super comfortable in the Bugaboo Donkey²  and not getting jostled around, which makes me more confident about their safety and less worried they’re going to get upset while they’re in it. We’ve even used it walking in grass and dirt and were just as impressed by how it handled.
2 – As a gear nerd, I love how many options, configurations and settings it has…and they’re all so easy to figure out. If you see a white handle or tab, I suggest pulling it and you’ll find some rad feature. Height, width, wheel and seat angles all adjust. Cargo and storage areas with elastic netting to secure things. Covers to protect your babies/kids from rain, wind, sun, cold. Attachment options for bassinets, car seats, regular seats, extra storage. Accessories for your phone, water bottles and other things. So many options to customize it for your needs. And assembling it when it first arrived was a breeze. Everything was shown in easy-to-understand pictures. It was like assembling an Ikea piece of furniture, except easy.
So yeah, as you can tell, my opinion of strollers has completely changed. Proud to be a stroller snob!


So there it is! (Thanks Blake!) Let me know if you have any other stroller questions and I’ll keep adding to this post!




 Twin Stroller and Car seats | Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 | Bugaboo Donkey2