We went to dinner in Beverly Hills the other night with some new friends.  They picked the restaurant, and we loved it.  It’s called Spaghettini, and they’re regulars there for good reason.  They serve mostly small plates with an Italian vibe, so it was so fun to try all different things and share.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is so awesome – I loved the cozy booth we had.  We got there at 6, and somehow stayed chatting long enough to see the stage open up and the live music start at 10!  The music was great and the staff was amazing, and I know we’ll go back again and again.

As I was getting ready, I realized I had no idea what to wear.  Going out in L.A. is always a tough one – you’re usually safe dressing casual, but I didn’t know how fancy the restaurant was.  So I opted for my romper from Monrow – I love that it can go both ways.  And I can’t stop wearing this jacket from Cleobella – you’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

Cleobella Jacket-2Cleobella Jacket-9Cleobella Jacket-7Cleobella Jacket-11Cleobella Jacket-14Cleobella Jacket-1Cleobella Jacket | Monrow Jumpsuit | Vince Camuto WedgesOshan Necklace | Oshan Bracelet